Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29th

It was interesting for me to look back at my blogging this year and watch the progression. I think if I had to sum up my year it would be in two words Determination and Perseverance. I was frustrated a lot of the time but I just kept making mini-goals and readjusting as I went. I celebrated every accomplishment, no matter how minor. I was surrounded by wonderful supportive friends and family. If I can do it - ANYBODY can!

Looking back at 2008

January 1st
I blogged about my goals and also added my ongoing mini-goals through the year.

Not long into the year, I began having trouble with my shins again and got orthotics.

Later in January, I continued to struggle with the running.

By the end of February, I started to stress about my impeding laser eye surgery, and more running problems.

By March, my running problems start to turn around.

In April
, I was starting to understand my body, what it can do, and what it is telling me.

In May, I got a wetsuit!

By June, things were finally starting to go well.

My first 5k race of the season. Do I try to go hard or protect my legs?

At the end of June I finally got my new carbon Trek Madone 5.1 road bike

And I got into the 'zone' when I was running!

In July, I faced new fears - the open water swim....

I had another running race - 8km - went easy this time.

I realized I couldn't do any of it without Erik.

Later in July, I had to face my swimming fears.

Early August, planning, practicing, rehearsing,,,

My mantra....

Freaking out just before the triathlon. It's here!!!!

I did it! August 17, 2008

Zen Run 10k, for run, had to walk lots, still have leg pain.


r3nw1ck said...

Wow, I am reminded of my training all about the same time for my September triathlon. I still fear the open water.

You've come a long way! That's awesome! I wish I kept a log too.

...but I did log my December challenge. :)

On that note I had my own personal challenge that went along with this so I apologize if I killed the fun or stopped others from logging due to my overzealousness. Sorry about that... Maybe I should get a blog so I'm not so chatty commenting on others :)

So here goes:
12/15 - 30 min. jump rope w/ 84 pushups
12/16 - 1.5 hours weights
12/17 - 45 min. jump rope w/ 120 pushups
12/18 - 3 mile treadmill run, 45 min. weights
12/19 - 45 min. jump rope w/ 120 pushups
12/20 - off
12/21 - 4 mile treadmill run, 45 min. weights
12/22 - 45 min. jump rope w/ 120 pushups
12/23 - 2 miles treadmill, 30 min. weights
12/24 - 45 min. jump rope w/ 120 pushups
12/25 - off
12/26 - 3 miles treadmill run, 45 min. weights
12/27 - off
12/28 - 1.5 hrs weights

Thanks for tweeting the challenge, without it I probably wouldn't have done half of this! Keep up the inspiration, I need it! :)

Kelownagurl said...

Hey, you've done so well! And I'm so happy that you've been inspired and have posted your accomplishments! I don't think it has stopped anybody from logging at all!

I had a pretty sickly month and didn't do as well as I would have liked but ya know what, I wouldn't have done ANY of it if it hadn't been for this challenge. Thanks for participating!

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