Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Road Blocks

Just going to cut and paste this whiny diatribe from the BT Blog...

With one comment - Randy Pausch stated in his inspriational video on youtube - "Roadblocks are there to test your committment to your goals."

1:30pm Ugh. I am always so tired on Wednesdays. I went to bed latish after volleyball last night (11:30), then woke up feeling crappy in the middle of the night AGAIN. This is really start to annoy me. (Maybe it's because I had a clubhouse at the pub for dinner? I dunno...) Anyway, I was awake for close to an hour then felt better and went back to sleep. Had turned the alarm off the day before and forgotten to turn it back on so woke up with a start 20 minutes late. Had to get ready and leave in a rush.

I am SUPPOSED to run right after school - calves are aching where they were stripped yesterday. They hurt to touch. Not sure how the run is going to feel. Plus it looks like rain.

I am also SUPPOSED to swim from 5-6pm. I hope I can make myself go....


3:00 PM

Run - 14:00min 1.65 kms 08m 29s/KM

Well my run sucked. As soon as I put my shoes on, the top of my left foot hurt a lot, even with the orthotics removed. I walked for 4 min and all the while, my foot was killing me. I could barely stand it. I knew it was going to be bad when I started running and I began to worry that I might on my way to stress fracture. I did 1:00 run and owie in the shins AND the foot. Walked a bit, then another 1:00. Still hurting. Next interval I went longer thinking maybe I could work it out. Everything felt a teensy bit better but still pretty bad. At 7 min decided to turn around. Did 2 more 2:00 intervals on the way back and then walked. Insert swear words here. Iced my foot and shins. Try again another day. %#^%$#$

6:00 run
14:00 total



I am so PO'ed right now. I finally made a very hard, what I thought was well-informed, decision to get the PRK laser eye surgery next Tuesday. After I got home from work, they called to go over some 'details' and make my final measurement appointment. This time they informed me that, because of my high prescription, they will be doing the surgery in two phases, about 4-6 months apart. The short story means - it will take 4-6 months for my vision to stabilize and I will have to wear glasses all summer. Then I will have to go through the whole procedure again - the week of pain and/or discomfort. The 4-5 days off work. The week or so without driving. The months of eye drops and artificial tears. Then finally, the 1-2 months of adjusting to monovision. In other words, if I get the surgery on Tuesday, I won't have 'normal' vision until next Christmas.

I have to make a new decision by tomorrow.

• go thru the whole procedure twice
• wear glasses this summer, can't wear sunglasses like I wanted
• spend $3800
• chance of infection
• time off work twice, no swimming for two weeks twice, no driving for a week, twice

• Whether I do it or not, I will still have to wear glasses this summer
• my temporary glasses will be much lower prescription, cheaper, more style choice with lower prescription, may not have to wear them all the time
• I can get prescription goggles that are my actual prescription
• I will have better vision this summer even if it isn't as good as I had expected
• I will be glasses-free by fall/Christmas.
• I get a week off work twice.

I am still so angry about the fact that they did not tell me this in my consult that it is clouding my judgement. DH thinks I should probably go ahead with it but I just don't know right now. Urgh....

And now, I missed swimming because I was too upset to go....

I should just go to bed and start again tomorrow..... Frickety Frick Frick.

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