Sunday, February 17, 2008

End of Week Six (Feb. 10-16)

Well overall, this was a great week! Apart from my relatively crappy runs on Monday and Wednesday, everything went pretty smoothly and I was able to do all of my planned workouts with the exception of the gym on Thursday (Jesse's dentist appt conflicted). I am optimistic that I will begin to solve my calf problems by cutting out the squats and should start to see if that's the case by Wed/Thurs.

Plan For Week Seven

This is supposed to be a rest week but I am loathe to cut back since I've missed workouts on an ongoing basis the last week few weeks. I think I will listen to my body and if I'm tired on any particular day, I'll cut back mileage or intensity, or just skip it.

Sun - gym this morning, easy trainer this afternoon
Mon - Run at 6am if I can, or in evening. Swim 5-6pm.(eye appt at 3pm)
Tue - PT appt at 3:15. Gym after if I can fit it in.
Wed - Run 2:45, swim 5-6pm
Thu - Gym, easy bike if I feel like it
Fri - rest
Sat - run, swim, bike as usual

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