Sunday, February 3, 2008

End of Week Four

Well, it was an interesting week. I started off tired and was a little worried that I wasn't going to be able to complete my workouts I had planned. It turned out that it was mostly my wasp allergy shot and the antihistamine I had to take on Tuesday, coupled with playing volleyball with tight, sore shins, that made Wednesday a bad day. By Thursday, I was feeling better mentally and physically.

I drove to the gym on Wednesday, walked in, then turned around and walked out. I was just so tired and I realized that the gym workout is one I can skip since I really don't HAVE to go three times a week. I wanted to save my energy for swimming that night instead. SO I went home and had a 30 minute nap, ate some dinner, but by 7:30, I was still so tired that I couldn't bring myself to drive down to the pool for my first night with the masters. It would have to wait.

Thursday, my legs were still still tight so I did stretching and massage and had a hot epsom salts bath and then decided to hit the pool from length swimming since I'd missed Wednesday. If I couldn't run, I could at least swim.

Friday, I went to the gym as usual, doing 4 sets instead of 3 now. Felt fine.

Saturday, I did my usual triple header and felt great all day. I was busy in the morning and ran out of time so I could only do a 15 minute run. My shins were still sore so I walked for 5 minutes, then did 1:00 minute intervals. The first minute hurt a bit but then I worked it out and my legs felt fine. It was probably good that I could only run 5-6 minutes total though. I stretched when I got home too. Sunday night, my legs are still feeling ok so hopefully I can run tomorrow.

I had a great swim on Saturday afternoon. I did 250m warm up kicking with the board, then stroke work for 250m with the fins, then about 750m of freestyle. Most of the time I needed to rest every 50m, but after 1000m, I felt better and decided to try for 100m straight. Did that in 2:30. Not bad since I can't do flip turns yet. Then I thought I'd do another 100m but felt so good, I just kept going and did 200m in total. I could have gone further but I was getting sloppy. 40 minutes swim in total.

Later in the day, I did a 45 minute ride on the trainer. 15 minutes easy, 15 min hard, 15 minutes easy.

Today I went to the gym. Cut back on the squats to 15 instead of 20 because my glutes hurt. Other than that, did the regular 4 sets in 50 minutes, then 20 minutes of stretching. Great!

In the late afternoon I did a 30 min recovery ride on the trainer. Almost all zone 1. Watch the Food Channel again. :)

I am really happy about the swimming. I really hope I can make myself try out for masters this week. I will try hard to make myself go on Monday.

I am really happy about the calves. Maybe I just have to cut back again and work up even more gradually. Ugh. I am impatient.

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