Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trying to solve the leg problems

I've been trying to figure out why doing squats hurts my quads so much, when in theory, they should be the strongest part of my body. After my 2nd run this week (Wed), my calves were hurting quite a bit again and I was getting frustrated. I know that doing squats doesn't hurt my shins per se, but it does tire my legs in general and I can't help that it all might be connected.

My quads may tire more easily than I expected because I run one day and go to the gym the next day and repeat this, with swimming thrown in as well, then on the weekends, I ride the trainer. Pretty well all of these activities work my quads, and affect my calves. Every day it's a different exercise but there's no real recovery happening.

So, I've decided to try something. For the next two weeks, I will not do squats at the gym. I'll do the upper body work and the leg press, which feels good but doesn't hurt, and I'll do all the stretching. I will continue to run and bike and swim but I am hoping that without the extra 'squats" stress, the legs will get more of a break on T and Th and I might find a little relief from the leg pain. This is turn might help calf and shin pain when I run if I don't work my legs much on the days in between runs.

So, let's try it and see.

I did not go to the gym today because Jesse had a dental appt and it's Valentine's Day and we're having a special supper, and most of all, I'm so tired, I could fall asleep sitting up. :)

Here are my running times for the build up. Let's see if there's a pattern.

Week 2 - Jan 6-12
- 1X - 3.1km - 11:00 run - 27:00 total (1:00/1:00)

Week 3 - Jan 13-19
- 3X - 9.5km - 42:00 run - 74:00 total (1:00/1:00)

Week 4 - Jan 20-27
- 3X - 10.4km- 44:30 run - 82:00 total (1:30/1:00) pain

Week 5 - Jan 28-2
- 2X - 4.8km - 19:00 run - 39:00 total (2:00/1:00)

Week 6 - Feb 3-9
- 3X - 9.1km - 32:00 run - 79:00 total (1:00/1:00)

Week 7 - Feb 10-17
- 1X - 3.8km - 13:00 run - 30:00 total (1:00+1:30/1:00)
- 1X - 3.8km - 13:00 run - 32:00 total (1:00+1:30/1:00) pain
- 1X - 4.0km - 15:00 run - 33:30 total (1:00+1:30+2:00/1:00)

- 3X - 11.6km- 41:00 run - 95:00 total

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