Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1st Annual Jason St Pierre Memorial Ride

Ride organizer, Brent Prokop, did another of his excellent cycling videos.  He set up Jason's son, Evan, with the GoPro chest camera and put together this video.

We had a good turnout for this ride - thanks to everyone who participated on this cool showery morning.  We know Jason would never have bailed because of a little rain, right?!

After the group ride on the Greenway, Brent, Jaegan and Evan went for a mountain bike ride in the hills.

Thanks also to those who sponsored my ride in order to help support Jason's family. It's not too late to donate, just shoot me an email and I will ensure your money gets to the right people.

Thanks again!

1st Jason St. Pierre Memorial Ride from Brent Prokop on Vimeo.