Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Insert foul language here

I am getting extremely frustrated. My shins/calves hurt while running yesterday. I had bumped it up to 2:00 run and 1:00 walk but I don't know if that was the problem or not because they were getting tender the last couple of runs already. So I packed it in a bit earlier (25 min) and iced them really well which seemed to help. Today they felt pretty good but a bit tender to the touch. I figured they'd be ok by Thursday and I'd cut back a tad if not.

TONIGHT - I played rec volleyball and they started killing me by the 2nd game with all the jumping around I was doing. We were short players so I had to keep playing but once we'd won our 4 games, I sat down and found an ice pack in the staffroom fridge at the school. That did seem to help but I really don't know what to do at this point.

I have followed all the rules: Gradual, very conservative increase, stretching tons, no running two days in a row, wear orthotics. What the heck else am I supposed to do?????

I guess I'll call the PT and the orthoped and maybe go for another massage. Frick, I am sad and disappointed at the same time. I will do whatever anyone says I have to do to make them go away and to be able to run again. :( :( :(

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 4 plan (January 27 - February 2)

Well I am tired today so it's hard to imagine that I will want to work out this week. :) I guess writing it down here will make it more likely.

Considerations for the week:

My step daughter is here today so I'm not sure if I'll be able to ride the trainer or not. I should be able to fit in a recovery ride though. There's also a chance that she'll pop in sometime during the week and I may have to change my plans at the last minute. Also, I have no yet started the Masters swim club. My plan is to join in February so I might go for my initial free swim on Wednesday and then join up for the following week. We shall see. No other meeting that might interfere I don't think.

S - gym, bike (RR)
M - run at the track or outside. Run 2:00, walk 1:00 25-30 minutes.
- swim at 5-6 pm on my own
T - rest day - volleyball
W - gym and swim (masters at 8:30pm or on my own at 5-6 pm)
T - run
F - gym
S - run, swim (on my own), bike (1 hr)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Recovery Week

Well it was a good thing this past week was a recovery week because I was tired and didn't feel up to all the working out. I was struggling with 7 hours sleep on Sunday and Monday night and so I had a nap after school each day, even if it was only for 20-30 minutes. I did my run on Monday, then went to volleyball on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I had a migraine aura at 7 am and was worried but it didn't turn out to be a headache. I felt 'off' all day and skipped my gym and swim workouts to be safe. I had a better sleep on Wednesday night and went to run on the indoor track after our staff meeting on Thursday. It was freezing cold in there and I was way under dressed in shorts and a sleeveless biking top but I couldn't be bothered to stop and add a layer. Running on the track was quite boring and my garmin only worked marginally. My speed seemed to be way off as it showed I was only running 4-5 kmh when I was probably more like 9-10 kmh. Then I didn't press hard enough when I turned it off and so it showed my whole drive home as well. D'uh... Top speed that day was 70 km/h! :)

I focussed on minutes this week instead of distance with a goal to increase to 30 minutes of running each day. I upped it to 27 minutes this week and will try for 30 min next week. This week I did 1:30 run and 1:00 walk. My calves have been pretty sore to the touch and I have iced them , had hot baths, massage, stretching, and ibuprophen trying to ward off shin splints. Crossing my fingers that it is just normal muscle soreness.

Friday we went to the gym. I had planned to skip it but since I missed Wednesday, and I felt good, I went. I did fewer reps on some exercises and did a ton of stretching afterward so it felt good.

Saturday I went for another run, outside this time. Then I went to the pool. I did 10 lengths of kicking with the board, then 10 lengths of working on my stroke with the fins. Man I wish I could always swim with fins, I go so fast!

Then I did 10 lengths of freestyle and took a rest. I was tired and couldn't seem to swim more than 2 lengths without stopping for a rest. My HR would be up around 130+. I was going to stop but had another 15 minutes before Erik was coming to pick me up so I decided to rest for awhile and try again. I did another 10 lengths and started to get into a rhythm (always stopped after 50m to rest). Did a few more lengths and then rested and tried to do 4 lengths without stopping. Yay! I did it!!! By this time, it was 12:55 and I had to get out but I felt like I could have gone further. I found it interesting that I seemed to get a second wind and feel good about swimming.

I counted my strokes and found I was doing 24 per 25m length and it took me 30 seconds on average. Once I swam 50m in 1:00 including the turnaround. Overall I felt great and was really happy that I met my 100m goal already!!! I think I'll skip the bike today and do a gym workout and a trainer ride tomorrow. Then my recovery week will be over.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plans for Jan. 20-26

So this is week 4 and it's supposed to be a recovery week. I think that the main way I'll do 'recovery' is to cut back on my gym workouts a bit. I may skip the Friday workout and/or I may do 2 sets instead of 3 sets. I will do my planned runs and my swim workouts. The swim isn't hard physically, and the runs are necessary to build up my k's. I might have to skip or reduce my trainer rides next weekend because my step-daughter will be staying with us.

S - gym / trainer long
M - run after school, swim (last lesson with coach)
T - rest day (volleyball in evening)
W - gym (2 sets only), swim lengths for 30 min
T - run
F - light gym or rest day
S - run in am, maybe swim if I have time, and/or RR ride on trainer

Saturday, January 19, 2008

End of Week Three (Jan 13-19)

OK, there have been some pitfalls to all this training. It was to be expected. I am trying to fit in 7-8 hours of training on top of a full-time job.


Having all my workout gear clean and ready to go. I made 4 lists of things I need - bike, indoor and outdoor run, swim, and gym. That really helps so I don't forget something like the HRM or my swim cap.


My house is a disaster. I have no trouble finding the time to workout. I do have trouble finding the time (and interest) to clean up my house. No solution to this other than to hire a maid.


I am hungry all the time. I know I need to have a snack after school before I workout partly to give me energy and partly so I don't come home to starved and make bad choices at dinnertime. Trouble is, I'm eating about 1600-1700 calories a day and subsequently only maintaining my weight instead of losing those last 7 lbs. I am trying to eat 55% carbs, 25% fat, 20% protein. The extra carbs, and the increase in beans/rice protein, and the endurance workouts are all causing my to be more bloated and maybe retain fluid. My belly feels puffy. I am cutting back on the beans/lentil soups to 3 times a week until my body adapts. I guess I should also cut out the little bit of junky crap I tend to eat in the evening. That's what is now throwing my calories over the edge. I used to be able to eat it and stay within the limits, but the extra after school snack is making that impossible.

Unexpected Bonuses

I have way more energy than I thought I'd have. I thought it was would be really hard to work out after work. Usually I am so tired during the week, I don't feel like doing anything. Either the mental excitement is helping, or the exercise and subsequent increase in metabolism is helping or just knowing I have written down a workout and now I have to actually do it is the key. I don't know, but every day I look forward to the workout of the day. Maybe it's the variety? I don't know, I love it though.

Workout comments for the week

Thursday - did my run. 1 min run/walk intervals after school. Today I stayed on the main road, away from the ice and snow and did MUCH better. I had a few little tweaky shin pains but did a good stretch afterwards and felt good otherwise. After the run, I had my orthotics appt and she adjusted my left one. It feels a bit better but still need more adjustment think. I'll run another week and see how it goes.

Friday - gym. Good. Cut back a bit on the squats has helped. Using 10 lb weights only and doing 15 if 20 seems too many. The stretching afterwards is KEY. What a difference. I am also trying to do some core work at this time as well.

Today - run in the am. Swim at noon, RR bike in the afternoon.

Yee haw!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Swimming, yeah!

Well I had my third swim session today. Seamus said he was going to work me hard today and he did. First we did some kicking drills with the board. On my tummy, on my back, increasing and decreasing speed. My hip flexors really felt it and my quads started to feel like I was hitting LT by the end of the lap. That's good, I think. :)

Next, he had me put the float thingy between my knees and we worked on my stroke. He wanted me to focus on turning my head quicker so the strokes are more even - a steady count. This is something I will need to keep working on and probably my biggest problem. However, each time he asked me to do something, I'd work on it a lap or two and get it down. He keep saying he was so happy with the way I was actually doing what I was told and how much I've improved since I started 3 lessons ago. (Well that IS why I'm paying him ya know. :)

Then we worked on my stroke without the float thing and he wanted me to stretch out even further than I was. I am supposed to feel the stretch in my side. So I did, and it was good. He also said I wasn't finishing the stroke as well as I could and he wanted me to do a drill where I actually lifted my hand right out of the water at the end of the stroke, splashing water in the air. The idea was to overcompensate during the drill and then end up with a proper stroke. I did one lap like he said, then I forgot and didn't do it enough on the 2nd lap. He said that was ok because I had been doing the perfect stroke the whole lap anyway so didn't really need the drill anymore.

I am so relieved that I don't have bad habits that will be hard to break. Apparently, I have a perfect 'S' curve stroke and he didn't want to mess with it so I said, good, maybe don't even tell me about it because if I start thinking about where to place my arms, I might lose it. Right now, I do it without thinking. It's certainly a lot easier that way. The thing I think about the most is my breathing and that's probably why it's the hardest thing for me.

I must say though, the breathing anxiety is MUCH lessened now than the first day and I really don't think it will take long before that becomes natural. It's even less of a problem when I am focussed on other things. I think the hardest thing I'm noticing about swimming is the fatigue factor. As soon as I get a bit tired, my technique falls apart so quickly. It'll be important to build up endurance I think and that can only be accomplished by time in the water.

So, at the end of the lessen, he asked me what my plans were. I only have one lesson left and he thought I would be best served by joining the Masters Swim program - it's less expensive than private lessons and the coaching at the rec centre is excellent. He said he thought I'd fit in well with the group as about 75% are tri-athletes and he didn't think I'd be the worst swimmer in the bunch so that would be nice. :)

He said that from what he could see, I'd definitely be able to complete a triathlon this summer, and although I wouldn't do 'well' in the swim portion, I'd definitely be able to complete it, which of course is my main goal.

He also suggested come down to the pool sometime before my next lesson and do some kicking drills so I will try to fit that in on Saturday.

Things to think about

• Steady count, turn head quickly but smoothly.

• stretch arms out front as far as I can go to catch more water. Feel the stretch in my sides,

• Be sure to end stroke as far as possible as well. And lean/roll each way to stroke deeper.

Drill ideas for working on my own

• Kick on tummy, with board.

• Kick 1/2 lap slow, 1/2 lap medium, 1 lap fas. Then reverse.

• Do same on back.

• Back stroke.

• Front stroke with float thing.

• Regular freestyle

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meeting the Challenges

I had a terrible sleep last night. Slept fitfully until about 3 and then was awake until 5:45. Got up at 6:30. Still, I managed to get through the day ok without extreme fatigue and here I am still up at 10 pm.

My gut muscles are killing me today from the ball crunches. I forgot about that.

My hip flexors are stiff and sore-ish too.

And somehow, I was still looking forward to my run and swim this afternoon.
DAY TWO - Walk/Run with orthotics. 3km plan

I went out about 3pm. It was 3 degrees, windy, and started to sleet halfway. I didn't wear my track pants over my tights but should have.

I should have run down Lakeshore where the roads were clearer instead of the side roads which turned out to be snowy and/or icey.

I stuck mostly with 1:00 walk, 1:00 run but felt lots of little stiff pangs and at around the 2km mark, felt my right shin complaining again. I walked a bit more then kept gently at it. As long as speed wasn't an issue, I seemed to do ok. The run back had the wind right in my face and it was unpleasant but I had warmed up enough that I wasn't chilly.

By the time I got back, I was happy to get out of my wet running gear and take a break. Didn't feel too good at first but eventually sat down and ate my afternoon / pre-swim snack of cottage cheese, ryvita and a little lean ham.

Swim - Day 2
I drove the boys home then headed to the pool for my 5 pm swim lesson. The coach had me do 4 laps of kicking (I did well), then a few laps of freestyle. Looking good. Then we worked on my back stroke for awhile. I did a few laps, he gave me some pointers, and I did a few more. He seemed quite happy with my stroke and I was happy not to have to worry about breathing for a change. :)


• head back more, looking up at ceiling. Level in water.
• tummy/hips up higher.
• thumb leaging out of water.
• pinky leading into water.
• bend elbow, push water toward hip, slap hip.

Next we worked on my arms in freestyle. He had me think about how they enter the water, slice forward, push back, and come out, elbow first. As soon as I concentrated on my arms, my legs and breathing fell apart. However, at times I had 'moments of greatness' and he even said one lap I did looked like I'd been swimming for a few years. I was happy.


• kick, splashing water. My natural kick is good, don't mess with it.
• breathe every 3rd stroke
• go slower, stroke slower
• roll body side to side with the stroke
• try to keep the 'beat' steady
• turn head slightly to side for breath, don't lift up
• breath out through mouth and nose, in thru mouth. I found trying to blow out thru nose right at the last minute helped a bit
• cut hand into water in front of me
• push arm hard forward, then pull down hard to push water behind me

The 30 minutes went too quickly so I asked if I could swim some laps on my own. I did a few in the slow lane, then moved to the medium lane where I seemed to fit in quite well. I was tired by this time and my technique and breathing was faltering so I packed it in after about 10 minutes (10 laps or so.) I figure I did about 30 laps in total today. I must try to remember to count next time...

So. I can workout when I'm sore and tired. I can. I am happy. Tomorrow is a day off. Sort of. I have volleyball tomorrow night though.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Great Week (Jan. 6-12)

Well overall, I think I did really well this week. I did all of my planned workouts with the exception of missing the first run. I felt good and nothing is hurting. I even threw in an extra swim on Saturday so I could practice breathing and kicking so I ended up doing 3 workouts that day - swim 30 min, bike 60 min, run 25 min. Whoo hoo!!

I asked an online friend for some training plan advice and she made a few suggestions that make sense. So with that in mind, here's the plan for the coming week.

S - Bike zone 1 recovery ride and 3km walk/run 1:00/:30
M - Run / Swim
T - off (volleyball in evening)
W - Gym / Swim
Th- Run
F - Gym
S - Run / Bike RR

• My runs this week will be 3 km, 1:00 walk, 1:00 run, after school.
• My swims will be 30 minutes with coach, 5:00-5:30 pm
• Bike will be on the trainer. Long bike is 60+ min, zone 2 and 3.

Good luck to me!


I have not lost any weight but I haven't gained any either. My eating has been a bit erratic but it's slowly getting back on track so I think this should be a good week. I made two big batches of soup and froze them in 1.5 cup containers to take to work. One is Black Bean and Rice, and the other is Lentil and Kale. Both are absolutely yummy.

I bought lots of veggies and good crackers and cottage cheese and I have good breakfast food and plans for good suppers so I think I am set. Drink lots of water KG!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fried Quads Again

Apparently I am a slow learner. I was anxious to get in my gym workout before swimming yesterday but I didn't give myself enough time to stretch well afterwards. I did the weights workout ok, not rushed or careless or anything, but I didn't do a cool down or stretch afterwards, then I went straight to the pool.

It's hard to say if it was the swimming or the weights without stretching or a combination of both (most likely) but this morning, my quads were sore and as the day went on, they got tighter and 'sorer'. I'm not too worried about it because it's the kind of 'pain' that will pass in a day or so and I didn't let it stop me from doing my planned trainer ride this evening.


I picked up my orthotics today but only got to wear them from a short while. They feel strange but comfortable. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to actually run in them until I've worn them a few times to see how things go. SO.... I'm going to adjust my workout plan for the week and lose one of my running times, but add a gym workout.

Friday - Gym
Saturday - Run (:30R, 1:00W) and Bike (E1, S1)
Sunday - Gym and Bike (RR)

I MAY change my 'getting back into a running' plan. I got a new book and it has a really nice 10 week plan all set out. I can probably follow that fairly easily. We'll see.


I got some new books!!!

• Slow, Fat Triathlete (funny, useful for beginners)
• The Woman Triathlete (very comprehensive - think I'll like this one)

Then today I was at the Mosaic Book Bin and got 4 books on sale for $6-8 each.

• The Complete Book of Running for Women
• Pilates: Simple Techniques for a strong, lithe, healthier body
• Total Heart Rate Training (Joe Friel)
• A Beautiful Bowl of Soup (vegetarian cookbook)

That's all for now folks!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Swimming at last!

Well the long-awaited swim lesson finally happened today. DH and I went to the gym after school and then we flew off to the rec centre for my lesson at 5pm. My instructor was a young fellow named Seamus and he was a good teacher. I told him that I hadn't swum with my face in the water for 25+ years because I can't see without my glasses and I don't like the water but I want to do a triathlon next summer so I want to see if it's possible.

He gave me a kick board and had me kick one length of the pool. He said I had a great kick and then said I just need to lift my feet a little higher so my feet are level with the top of the water and I make a bit of a splash. I did a couple laps of that and he was happy with it. My thighs hurt by the 3rd lap though. I think it was harder to keep my feet up when I'm holding the board and keeping my feet up because then my feet naturally sink.

Next he had me swim a lap to see where I'm at and he was surprised that I hadn't swum in years - he said I remembered a lot. That was nice. It was short-lived however as soon as he gave me things to work on. :)

First, he said I swam too 'flat' and he had me practice rolling left and right as I swim. The first time, I went the length of the pool with my arms out ahead of me, then I had to try coordinating my stroke with 'rolling'. I felt fairly uncoordinated for something that seems so simple.

Then he wanted me to focus on my head-turning. I guess I lift it out of the water too much (as I gasp for a breath no doubt), and my 'beat' is uneven because I hold that stroke longer than the others. Not surprisingly, this focus threw me totally off and made me lose my great kick and my nice rolling. :) After a few laps, we both decided I was swimming too fast and that was making it hard for me to get a decent breath. As usual, I found it hard to slow down but when I did, everything came much easier. I was by no means 'good', but he did say I was way better than some of the people swimming in the next lane. Hee hee. :)

I could have stayed and swam (swum?) for much longer and I was disappointed to have to get out after 30 minutes. I was anxious to practice more until I got the hang of it but... oh well. We decided if would be best if I didn't practice on my own between now and Monday so I don't practice bad habits. Point well taken but I'm impatient. :) :) Plus I'd like to practice what he taught me so I can show off and be way better by next Monday. We shall see...

Anyhoo, I am right on track for my planned workouts this week despite how incredibly tired I am right now. I had an awful sleep on Sunday night and last night and only a mediocre one on Monday night. I'm heading to bed now and think I might take a sleeping pill to ensure I slept through the night and get a solid 8 hours.

I am SO excited about my swimming - I KNOW I can do well if I just practice!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Not meant to be.....

I was so stoked about my first lesson today, it's all I could think of all day. I had to go all the way out to the airport to pick up my new computer before my lesson started at 4:15 and the traffic was ugly so by the time I arrived at the pool, I only had a couple minutes to change and shower. There I stood out on the deck with all the little kids and their parents waiting to be called for their lesson. Pretty soon everyone went scampering off with their instructors - everyone that is, but me. I stood there looking lost and forlorn for about 3-4 minutes more, racking my brain to make sure I had the correct date and time, and when I was sure no one was going to show, I went over to ask one of the other instructors if she knew anything about it. Oh are you Barb? Yes. Oh we've been trying to reach you all day.... Turns out they had my XH's cell number as MY work number (no help), and the coach had had a last minute university course change and had to rebook me to 5 pm if that worked for me. Well, 5 pm would work better actually but not today. It was already 4:30, my son was sitting up in the window watching me, and DH was back at work waiting for a ride home. I could not hang around for another half hour and then start my lesson. So, they refunded my money for today's lesson and they will try to set me up a replacement lesson at another time if possible. And I will head back to the pool at 5 pm Wednesday to try again....
Running goals (actual km):

Start walk/run program in January.

Jan. 6-12 ~ W1/R30 2X 3km (3km)
Jan. 13-19 ~ W1/R1 3X 3km (3+3+3.25)
Jan. 20-26 ~ R1.5/W1 27 min. (3.6+3.5+3.3)
Jan. 27-2 ~ R2/W1 3X 30 min (3.25+0+1.6)
Feb. 3-9 ~ R2/W1 3X 30 min
Feb. 10-16 ~ R3/W1 3X 30 min
Feb. 17-23 ~ R4/W1 3X 30 min
Feb. 24-2 ~ R5/W1 3X 30 min
Mar. 3-9 ~ R10/W1 3X 4km
Mar. 10-16 ~ R15/W2 3X 5km
Mar. 17-23 ~ R20/W2 3X 5km
Mar. 24-30 ~ 3X 5km
Apr. 31-6 ~ 3X 5km
Apr. 7-13 ~ 2X 5km, 1 5.5km
Apr. 14-20 ~ 2X 5km, 1X 6km
Apr. 27-3 ~ 2X 5km, 1X 6.5 km
May. 4-10 ~ 3X 5km
May. 11-17 ~ Duathlon Week
May. 18-24 ~ 2X 4-5k

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The "Plan" (Week 2, Jan. 6-12)

Maybe if I put it down in writing, it'll come true?? It helped today. I had written down that I'd do a bike and a gym workout so I forced myself to go.

Anyway, I start a lot of new things this week - diet, swimming, new orthotics, running, new imac, two new triathlon books, and a partridge in a pear tree. :)

So here's the plan.

• Sun - off ?
• Mon - Swim day 1
• Tues - Volleyball
• Wed - Swim day 2 and Gym workout
• Thurs - Bike zone 2 ride 30 min
• Fri - Walk 1:00, Run :30 for 3km
• Sat - Bike zone 2-3 45-60 min and Gym workout

Eat well.
Get lots of rest.
Drink lots of water.
Take vitamins.

That's not too much to ask is it?? :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

New year, new goals.

I had a great workout at the gym on January 2nd and this time I felt good afterward. I did 5 minute warm up on the rowing machine, then the complete tri workout, then 10 minute cool down spin on the bike. Also did lots of stretching too. I found the squats a bit tough and I had some soreness at the tops of my legs for the next two days so I think I'll cut back to 15 reps next time and see how that feels.


I decided to go to the pool during public swimming today to try out my new stuff and see how things work before starting my swim coach lessons on Monday. Overall I felt great and I did better than I thought I might. I did about 20 laps in total I'd guess over about 30 minutes. It was hard to judge because I stopped and started quite a bit. I didn't bother with the swim cap today but the goggles were great and made all the difference in the world. I tried various things with breathing because I felt quite winded and had a hard time doing even one lap at first without gasping for breath or getting water up my nose, Eventually I found I could swim 1-2 laps without stopping if I took a breath every 2nd stroke, or did bilateral breathing. Every fourth stroke was too much. I also found that if I took it really slowly, I did a lot better. I definitely had a much easier time breathing out through my mouth rather than my nose and after swimming, I bought a nose clip to see if that would help next time.

So - I can't wait until Monday when I get my first 'lesson'!! This is SO exciting!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Goals and Accomplishments

I am currently updating my Beginner Triathlete goal pages so I cut all my previous run and swim goals and pasted them here so I don't lose them.

Sad to say, I don't seem to have my actual run kms for Feb - May on this list. Someday when I have time, I'll go back and put them all in again.

2008 Running Goals

Start walk/run program in January.

Jan. 6-12 ~ W1/R30 2X 3km (3km)
Jan. 13-19 ~ W1/R1 3X 3km (3+3+3.25)
Jan. 20-26 ~ R1.5/W1 27 min. (3.6+3.5+3.3)
Jan. 27-2 ~ R2/W1 3X 30 min (3.25+0+1.6)
Feb. 3-9 ~ R2/W1 3X 30 min
Feb. 10-16 ~ R3/W1 3X 30 min
Feb. 17-23 ~ R4/W1 3X 30 min
Feb. 24-2 ~ R5/W1 3X 30 min
Mar. 3-9 ~ R10/W1 3X 4km
Mar. 10-16 ~ R15/W2 3X 5km
Mar. 17-23 ~ R20/W2 3X 5km
Mar. 24-30 ~ 3X 5km
Apr. 31-6 ~ 3X 5km
Apr. 7-13 ~ 2X 5km, 1 5.5km
Apr. 14-20 ~ 2X 5km, 1X 6km
Apr. 27-3 ~ 2X 5km, 1X 6.5 km
May 4-10 - R18 (0+5+5=10)
May 11-17 - R20/30 6km (6+0+5=11)
May 18-24 - R30 5km (1+5+0=6)
May 25-31- 6km (3+4+6.5=13.5)
Jun 1-7 - no run Sat. (4+4.5=8.5)
Jun 8-14 - 5k race (5+0+3=8)
Jun 15-21 - 7.5km (5+3+0+7=15)
Jun 22-28 - 5km(0+4.4+5=9.4)
Jun 29-Jul 5 - brick* (4.6+5.4+0=10)
Jul 6-12 - 8km race (8+3.3*+3.1=14.4)
Jul 13-19 - 6-8km (0+6+3*=9)
Jul 20-26 - 9km (0+9+3*=12)
Jul 27-Aug 2 - 5-7km (camping)(2.5)
Aug 3-9 - 5-7km (4.5+0+0=4.5)
Aug 10-16 - 5km (3.7+1=4.7)
Aug 17-23 - triathlon (5+3=8 )
Aug 24-30 - 10km (4.3+4.2=8.5)
Aug 31- Sep 6 - 12km (8.2+3.4=11.6)
Sep 7-13 - 12km (4.8+5.3+7.1=17.2)
Sep 14-20 - 12km (5+5+12=22)
Sep 21-27 - 10-12km (4+0+4.1=8.1)
Sep 28-Oct 4 - 8-10km (4+5+8=17)
Oct 5-11 - 8-10km Zen 10k! (3+0+10=13)
Oct 12-18 - 5-10km (0+0+0=0)
Oct 19-25 8-10 km (4.3+4.1+0=8.4)
Oct 26-Nov 1 5-8 km (4+0+5.5=9.5)
Nov 2-8 eye surgery (4+4+6.5=14.5)
Nov 9-15 8 km
Nov 16-22 10-12km

Swimming Goals

• Buy prescription goggles. Done!
• Take private lessons Done!
• Swim 100m without stopping. Jan. 26/08
• Swim 150m without stopping 200m Feb.2
• Swim 300m without stopping (Feb. 25)
• Swim 800m without stopping (Mar. 1)
• Swim 1000m without stopping (Mar.3)
Swim 1200m without stopping(May 10, 31:00)
Swim 1500m without stopping (June 14, 37:52)
400m in 4:37 Apr. 30
50m in :50 with wet suit May 10
Buy wetsuit May 2
First wetsuit swim May 10
First Lake Swim July 4
Distance swim in wetsuit July 6
Swim out over my head - LOL... July 11!!

Cycling Goals

• Continue to work on smooth pedaling
• Single Leg Drills and Spinups on trainer

Fitness Goals

• Do yoga/stretching/pilates/core every day
• Start 100 pushups challenge. Do workout M, W, F
• Do physio exercises and crunches on T, Th, Sat

Long term goals
• Leaner
• Stronger
• More flexible, especially hamstrings and lower back (yoga, core)
• New carbon bike in spring 2008 June 2008


• Okanagan Shuswap Metric Century Ride (May 27 '07) ~ 3:47:52
• Women's 5k Run (June 10 '07) ~ 26:17
• Cycled 380km in Southern France (July '07)
• Rode around the lake. 162 km. 5775 feet of climbing. 7:15 hours.
• Okanagan Metric Century Ride (May 25'08) - 3:35:00 PR
• Women's 5km Run (June 8 '08) - 26:26 3rd place AG!
• Mid Summer 8km (July 6 '08) - 46:17, 13/21 in AG, beat goal of 48:00
• Apple Sprint Tri (Aug.17'08) - 1:30:04, 4/11 AG, 55/113 women, 16/113 bike

Zen 10k (Oct. 11'08) (1:08)

• Kelowna Across the Lake Swim (2009)
• Kelowna Apple Sprint or Olympic Tri (2009)
• Half IM (2009/2010)
• Ironman Canada (someday?)

Triathlon Goal Times (actual)

750m swim ~ 0:19:00 (17:13)
20km bike ~ 0:40:00 (38:18)
5km run ~ 0:28:00 (29:45)
T1, T2 ~ 0:04:00 (4:40)

Total - 1:31:00 (1:30:04)

Time to beat: 1:13:20 (AG win time 2008)