Saturday, January 26, 2008

Recovery Week

Well it was a good thing this past week was a recovery week because I was tired and didn't feel up to all the working out. I was struggling with 7 hours sleep on Sunday and Monday night and so I had a nap after school each day, even if it was only for 20-30 minutes. I did my run on Monday, then went to volleyball on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I had a migraine aura at 7 am and was worried but it didn't turn out to be a headache. I felt 'off' all day and skipped my gym and swim workouts to be safe. I had a better sleep on Wednesday night and went to run on the indoor track after our staff meeting on Thursday. It was freezing cold in there and I was way under dressed in shorts and a sleeveless biking top but I couldn't be bothered to stop and add a layer. Running on the track was quite boring and my garmin only worked marginally. My speed seemed to be way off as it showed I was only running 4-5 kmh when I was probably more like 9-10 kmh. Then I didn't press hard enough when I turned it off and so it showed my whole drive home as well. D'uh... Top speed that day was 70 km/h! :)

I focussed on minutes this week instead of distance with a goal to increase to 30 minutes of running each day. I upped it to 27 minutes this week and will try for 30 min next week. This week I did 1:30 run and 1:00 walk. My calves have been pretty sore to the touch and I have iced them , had hot baths, massage, stretching, and ibuprophen trying to ward off shin splints. Crossing my fingers that it is just normal muscle soreness.

Friday we went to the gym. I had planned to skip it but since I missed Wednesday, and I felt good, I went. I did fewer reps on some exercises and did a ton of stretching afterward so it felt good.

Saturday I went for another run, outside this time. Then I went to the pool. I did 10 lengths of kicking with the board, then 10 lengths of working on my stroke with the fins. Man I wish I could always swim with fins, I go so fast!

Then I did 10 lengths of freestyle and took a rest. I was tired and couldn't seem to swim more than 2 lengths without stopping for a rest. My HR would be up around 130+. I was going to stop but had another 15 minutes before Erik was coming to pick me up so I decided to rest for awhile and try again. I did another 10 lengths and started to get into a rhythm (always stopped after 50m to rest). Did a few more lengths and then rested and tried to do 4 lengths without stopping. Yay! I did it!!! By this time, it was 12:55 and I had to get out but I felt like I could have gone further. I found it interesting that I seemed to get a second wind and feel good about swimming.

I counted my strokes and found I was doing 24 per 25m length and it took me 30 seconds on average. Once I swam 50m in 1:00 including the turnaround. Overall I felt great and was really happy that I met my 100m goal already!!! I think I'll skip the bike today and do a gym workout and a trainer ride tomorrow. Then my recovery week will be over.

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