Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 4 plan (January 27 - February 2)

Well I am tired today so it's hard to imagine that I will want to work out this week. :) I guess writing it down here will make it more likely.

Considerations for the week:

My step daughter is here today so I'm not sure if I'll be able to ride the trainer or not. I should be able to fit in a recovery ride though. There's also a chance that she'll pop in sometime during the week and I may have to change my plans at the last minute. Also, I have no yet started the Masters swim club. My plan is to join in February so I might go for my initial free swim on Wednesday and then join up for the following week. We shall see. No other meeting that might interfere I don't think.

S - gym, bike (RR)
M - run at the track or outside. Run 2:00, walk 1:00 25-30 minutes.
- swim at 5-6 pm on my own
T - rest day - volleyball
W - gym and swim (masters at 8:30pm or on my own at 5-6 pm)
T - run
F - gym
S - run, swim (on my own), bike (1 hr)

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