Saturday, January 19, 2008

End of Week Three (Jan 13-19)

OK, there have been some pitfalls to all this training. It was to be expected. I am trying to fit in 7-8 hours of training on top of a full-time job.


Having all my workout gear clean and ready to go. I made 4 lists of things I need - bike, indoor and outdoor run, swim, and gym. That really helps so I don't forget something like the HRM or my swim cap.


My house is a disaster. I have no trouble finding the time to workout. I do have trouble finding the time (and interest) to clean up my house. No solution to this other than to hire a maid.


I am hungry all the time. I know I need to have a snack after school before I workout partly to give me energy and partly so I don't come home to starved and make bad choices at dinnertime. Trouble is, I'm eating about 1600-1700 calories a day and subsequently only maintaining my weight instead of losing those last 7 lbs. I am trying to eat 55% carbs, 25% fat, 20% protein. The extra carbs, and the increase in beans/rice protein, and the endurance workouts are all causing my to be more bloated and maybe retain fluid. My belly feels puffy. I am cutting back on the beans/lentil soups to 3 times a week until my body adapts. I guess I should also cut out the little bit of junky crap I tend to eat in the evening. That's what is now throwing my calories over the edge. I used to be able to eat it and stay within the limits, but the extra after school snack is making that impossible.

Unexpected Bonuses

I have way more energy than I thought I'd have. I thought it was would be really hard to work out after work. Usually I am so tired during the week, I don't feel like doing anything. Either the mental excitement is helping, or the exercise and subsequent increase in metabolism is helping or just knowing I have written down a workout and now I have to actually do it is the key. I don't know, but every day I look forward to the workout of the day. Maybe it's the variety? I don't know, I love it though.

Workout comments for the week

Thursday - did my run. 1 min run/walk intervals after school. Today I stayed on the main road, away from the ice and snow and did MUCH better. I had a few little tweaky shin pains but did a good stretch afterwards and felt good otherwise. After the run, I had my orthotics appt and she adjusted my left one. It feels a bit better but still need more adjustment think. I'll run another week and see how it goes.

Friday - gym. Good. Cut back a bit on the squats has helped. Using 10 lb weights only and doing 15 if 20 seems too many. The stretching afterwards is KEY. What a difference. I am also trying to do some core work at this time as well.

Today - run in the am. Swim at noon, RR bike in the afternoon.

Yee haw!

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