Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plans for Jan. 20-26

So this is week 4 and it's supposed to be a recovery week. I think that the main way I'll do 'recovery' is to cut back on my gym workouts a bit. I may skip the Friday workout and/or I may do 2 sets instead of 3 sets. I will do my planned runs and my swim workouts. The swim isn't hard physically, and the runs are necessary to build up my k's. I might have to skip or reduce my trainer rides next weekend because my step-daughter will be staying with us.

S - gym / trainer long
M - run after school, swim (last lesson with coach)
T - rest day (volleyball in evening)
W - gym (2 sets only), swim lengths for 30 min
T - run
F - light gym or rest day
S - run in am, maybe swim if I have time, and/or RR ride on trainer

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