Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

New year, new goals.

I had a great workout at the gym on January 2nd and this time I felt good afterward. I did 5 minute warm up on the rowing machine, then the complete tri workout, then 10 minute cool down spin on the bike. Also did lots of stretching too. I found the squats a bit tough and I had some soreness at the tops of my legs for the next two days so I think I'll cut back to 15 reps next time and see how that feels.


I decided to go to the pool during public swimming today to try out my new stuff and see how things work before starting my swim coach lessons on Monday. Overall I felt great and I did better than I thought I might. I did about 20 laps in total I'd guess over about 30 minutes. It was hard to judge because I stopped and started quite a bit. I didn't bother with the swim cap today but the goggles were great and made all the difference in the world. I tried various things with breathing because I felt quite winded and had a hard time doing even one lap at first without gasping for breath or getting water up my nose, Eventually I found I could swim 1-2 laps without stopping if I took a breath every 2nd stroke, or did bilateral breathing. Every fourth stroke was too much. I also found that if I took it really slowly, I did a lot better. I definitely had a much easier time breathing out through my mouth rather than my nose and after swimming, I bought a nose clip to see if that would help next time.

So - I can't wait until Monday when I get my first 'lesson'!! This is SO exciting!!!!

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