Monday, January 14, 2008

Meeting the Challenges

I had a terrible sleep last night. Slept fitfully until about 3 and then was awake until 5:45. Got up at 6:30. Still, I managed to get through the day ok without extreme fatigue and here I am still up at 10 pm.

My gut muscles are killing me today from the ball crunches. I forgot about that.

My hip flexors are stiff and sore-ish too.

And somehow, I was still looking forward to my run and swim this afternoon.
DAY TWO - Walk/Run with orthotics. 3km plan

I went out about 3pm. It was 3 degrees, windy, and started to sleet halfway. I didn't wear my track pants over my tights but should have.

I should have run down Lakeshore where the roads were clearer instead of the side roads which turned out to be snowy and/or icey.

I stuck mostly with 1:00 walk, 1:00 run but felt lots of little stiff pangs and at around the 2km mark, felt my right shin complaining again. I walked a bit more then kept gently at it. As long as speed wasn't an issue, I seemed to do ok. The run back had the wind right in my face and it was unpleasant but I had warmed up enough that I wasn't chilly.

By the time I got back, I was happy to get out of my wet running gear and take a break. Didn't feel too good at first but eventually sat down and ate my afternoon / pre-swim snack of cottage cheese, ryvita and a little lean ham.

Swim - Day 2
I drove the boys home then headed to the pool for my 5 pm swim lesson. The coach had me do 4 laps of kicking (I did well), then a few laps of freestyle. Looking good. Then we worked on my back stroke for awhile. I did a few laps, he gave me some pointers, and I did a few more. He seemed quite happy with my stroke and I was happy not to have to worry about breathing for a change. :)


• head back more, looking up at ceiling. Level in water.
• tummy/hips up higher.
• thumb leaging out of water.
• pinky leading into water.
• bend elbow, push water toward hip, slap hip.

Next we worked on my arms in freestyle. He had me think about how they enter the water, slice forward, push back, and come out, elbow first. As soon as I concentrated on my arms, my legs and breathing fell apart. However, at times I had 'moments of greatness' and he even said one lap I did looked like I'd been swimming for a few years. I was happy.


• kick, splashing water. My natural kick is good, don't mess with it.
• breathe every 3rd stroke
• go slower, stroke slower
• roll body side to side with the stroke
• try to keep the 'beat' steady
• turn head slightly to side for breath, don't lift up
• breath out through mouth and nose, in thru mouth. I found trying to blow out thru nose right at the last minute helped a bit
• cut hand into water in front of me
• push arm hard forward, then pull down hard to push water behind me

The 30 minutes went too quickly so I asked if I could swim some laps on my own. I did a few in the slow lane, then moved to the medium lane where I seemed to fit in quite well. I was tired by this time and my technique and breathing was faltering so I packed it in after about 10 minutes (10 laps or so.) I figure I did about 30 laps in total today. I must try to remember to count next time...

So. I can workout when I'm sore and tired. I can. I am happy. Tomorrow is a day off. Sort of. I have volleyball tomorrow night though.

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