Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Swimming at last!

Well the long-awaited swim lesson finally happened today. DH and I went to the gym after school and then we flew off to the rec centre for my lesson at 5pm. My instructor was a young fellow named Seamus and he was a good teacher. I told him that I hadn't swum with my face in the water for 25+ years because I can't see without my glasses and I don't like the water but I want to do a triathlon next summer so I want to see if it's possible.

He gave me a kick board and had me kick one length of the pool. He said I had a great kick and then said I just need to lift my feet a little higher so my feet are level with the top of the water and I make a bit of a splash. I did a couple laps of that and he was happy with it. My thighs hurt by the 3rd lap though. I think it was harder to keep my feet up when I'm holding the board and keeping my feet up because then my feet naturally sink.

Next he had me swim a lap to see where I'm at and he was surprised that I hadn't swum in years - he said I remembered a lot. That was nice. It was short-lived however as soon as he gave me things to work on. :)

First, he said I swam too 'flat' and he had me practice rolling left and right as I swim. The first time, I went the length of the pool with my arms out ahead of me, then I had to try coordinating my stroke with 'rolling'. I felt fairly uncoordinated for something that seems so simple.

Then he wanted me to focus on my head-turning. I guess I lift it out of the water too much (as I gasp for a breath no doubt), and my 'beat' is uneven because I hold that stroke longer than the others. Not surprisingly, this focus threw me totally off and made me lose my great kick and my nice rolling. :) After a few laps, we both decided I was swimming too fast and that was making it hard for me to get a decent breath. As usual, I found it hard to slow down but when I did, everything came much easier. I was by no means 'good', but he did say I was way better than some of the people swimming in the next lane. Hee hee. :)

I could have stayed and swam (swum?) for much longer and I was disappointed to have to get out after 30 minutes. I was anxious to practice more until I got the hang of it but... oh well. We decided if would be best if I didn't practice on my own between now and Monday so I don't practice bad habits. Point well taken but I'm impatient. :) :) Plus I'd like to practice what he taught me so I can show off and be way better by next Monday. We shall see...

Anyhoo, I am right on track for my planned workouts this week despite how incredibly tired I am right now. I had an awful sleep on Sunday night and last night and only a mediocre one on Monday night. I'm heading to bed now and think I might take a sleeping pill to ensure I slept through the night and get a solid 8 hours.

I am SO excited about my swimming - I KNOW I can do well if I just practice!

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