Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fried Quads Again

Apparently I am a slow learner. I was anxious to get in my gym workout before swimming yesterday but I didn't give myself enough time to stretch well afterwards. I did the weights workout ok, not rushed or careless or anything, but I didn't do a cool down or stretch afterwards, then I went straight to the pool.

It's hard to say if it was the swimming or the weights without stretching or a combination of both (most likely) but this morning, my quads were sore and as the day went on, they got tighter and 'sorer'. I'm not too worried about it because it's the kind of 'pain' that will pass in a day or so and I didn't let it stop me from doing my planned trainer ride this evening.


I picked up my orthotics today but only got to wear them from a short while. They feel strange but comfortable. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to actually run in them until I've worn them a few times to see how things go. SO.... I'm going to adjust my workout plan for the week and lose one of my running times, but add a gym workout.

Friday - Gym
Saturday - Run (:30R, 1:00W) and Bike (E1, S1)
Sunday - Gym and Bike (RR)

I MAY change my 'getting back into a running' plan. I got a new book and it has a really nice 10 week plan all set out. I can probably follow that fairly easily. We'll see.


I got some new books!!!

• Slow, Fat Triathlete (funny, useful for beginners)
• The Woman Triathlete (very comprehensive - think I'll like this one)

Then today I was at the Mosaic Book Bin and got 4 books on sale for $6-8 each.

• The Complete Book of Running for Women
• Pilates: Simple Techniques for a strong, lithe, healthier body
• Total Heart Rate Training (Joe Friel)
• A Beautiful Bowl of Soup (vegetarian cookbook)

That's all for now folks!

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