Saturday, March 1, 2008

Patience is a virtue

OK, I am happy to be able to follow up that whiny post with an ecstatic, positive one!!! I MUST remember this so that the next time I am experiencing road blocks, I can keep in mind that everything can be overcome if I work hard and have patience.

So - after my rather painful run on Wednesday, and my missed swim, I took it easy for a couple of days. I went to the gym on Thursday but didn't do squats. I tried some self-massage and had hot baths and stretched. Friday was a day off of course, and the top of my foot was still tender but feeling better. I was in a quandry about whether I should run today but decided to give it a try and see how my foot and calves felt.

I was a feeling bit tight before I left but once I started running, I felt fine so I did 2X2:00 runs, and then 4X3:00 with 1:00 walking in between. I felt great and think I could have run longer than 3:00 but I know better than to push my luck so I kept a rein on things. Got back in 30:00 with 16:00 of running total. Yee haw!

Then my biggest excitement was my swim today.

I started with the warm up and build up parts of my swim plan (400m in total). I stopped for the :10 rest breaks at 25m or 50m when I needed to. Then when I did the core, I decided to go steady and do the whole 400m without stopping if I could. And I did, fairly easily to be honest. 400m in 10:20 made me very happy. Well, at that point, I still felt strong so I decided to do 500m instead, and then of course I couldn't stop after that and went on to do 800m in total, without stopping!!! 21:00, not a bad pace for me to maintain. I am super excited that I can do the entire 750m of the triathlon in a reasonable amount of time, without stopping. Now I just need to work on that in a regular way until summer when I can learn the next stage, which is an open water swim, in a wet suit. Baby steps... :)

Next week is likely to be a whiny week. I won't be able to workout most of the week and I'll be in pain from my eye surgery. It'll drive me nuts to be stuck at home, with nothing to do, and I can't even play on the computer much because it'll hurt my eyes. Argh. I am trying to remember that the rest week will be great for my body though. :)

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