Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting back at it

Well I got back from the coast yesterday and now I have to get back into training mode. I'm happy to say that I was able to keep up with my running while I was gone and we even did some easy riding but I haven't been in a pool for 3 weeks! Aaack! I know I can do the runs, I hope I can do the biking, and the only thing stopping the swims is that I can't drive myself there.

Eye Update

Guess I should do this first. I am frustrated with my eyes again. They fluctuate SO much! Some days I can read, some days I can't. Right now I seem to have way more distortion and double vision than usual. I tried riding without glasses and quite frankly, I was terrified going over 20 kmh, especially on the downhills with the rougher roads. And there's no way I would go off-road.

I think my vision is actually good enough to drive now but I am not comfortable doing that yet either. And especially not at night. I can't really watch TV. Sometimes I can't read magazines or smaller print. And I am just plain tired of not seeing clearly. REALLY tired of it. Tomorrow, I am going to call for another appointment to see if I can get some contacts. I'm not sure if I can wear them but ideally, I'd like those continuous wear type that I don't have to play around with them too much. I don't really know how it works, but I'm assuming I could get weaker ones as time went by if my eyes actually improve. Anyway, I really find that my poor vision is impeding my ability to get on with life. I can function, but not in a comfortable way. I am tired of living like this. Ugh.

Training Plan

Last week, I went for 3 runs while I was away. I did 4 min intervals of running with run totals 22-24 minutes. I felt good but my calves hurt. My shins hurt to touch but dont' hurt much when I run so I'm not stopping. I've been running without my orthotics because they hurt the top of my feet. I will call her tomorrow to make an appt for that as well. Argh. Argh. Argh.

I also rode my mountain bike - some of it just toodling around, and some of it some hilly rides that made me work harder. The highlight was riding on the beach in Tofino. My bike was salty and sandy after that but it was worth it! We did about 85km in total over the week.

I bought some regular swim goggles today so hopefully I can make myself go for a swim tomorrow. Maybe I'll go during public swim time so Jesse can play as well? I also bought a nice blue silicone swim cap and some new hair elastics. Looking forward to that. :)

I guess until I see the eye doctor, I can't plan my biking. I really do need to get on the bike and it seems awful to have to ride the trainer now. I'll wait utnil tomorrow to decided about that.

My gym pass only lasts until the end of this week so I might go 1-2 more times.

Well, that's all my whining for now.

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