Monday, March 10, 2008

Positive news!

Good news at my eye appointment today! Apparently most of my vision problems are due to 'corneal edema' causing fairly severe astigmatism (double vision, distortion etc) rather than true blurriness. The optometrist gave me some drops and ointment that will draw out the excess moisture and 'suck' my cornea back down to where it should be. He convinced me I likely won't need temporary glasses if I can just hold off for 2 more days. So - I am going to go back to work tomorrow and muddle my way through until it clears up. Yay!!!!

9 pm - I've been using the new drops today and I think it might be making a difference - either that or I'm just seeing better overall. It feels so much less stressful being able to see a bit. It gets tiring straining to see all the time. This must be the first time in my life I've gone an entire week without being able to see... Weird experience...

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MDHillSlug said...

Good news! Any imporvement since then?