Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Break Through

Well my Monday run felt great too! I had a great 4km run with all 3 minute intervals. Felt like I could have kept on running. Top of my left foot was still a little tender but not painful so I ignored it. That'll be my last run this week because I get my eye surgery on Tuesday. I also have an appointment with the orthoped on Thursday so can hopefully get my left orthotic problems ironed out once and for all.

Also on Monday, I swam 1000m in 25 minutes! Whoo hooo!!!! I will not be able to swim for three weeks now (two weeks for post surgery care and one week away on holidays) so I am hoping that it'll only take me a week to get back on track once I resume the swimming (without prescription goggles I hope!!)

Yay, I am happy!

I did not work out on Sunday - did a good one hour trainer ride Saturday but had too much school work to get done on Sunday so skipped the gym and trainer.

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