Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Latest Eye Appointment

Well my right eye is +.44 and my left is -1.2 That's right where we want it to be for distance (R) and reading (L). My astigmatism (causing the double vision) is still due to the edema and slow healing. Turns out the steroid drops are there to slow down the healing so I don't get haze. But I'm past the worrisome stage now so he told me to stop the steroid (Flarex) for 2 weeks and said I should see some definite improvement in the next few days. I continue to be optimistic. I guess I'll avoid fast rides for another week or so. Stick to the trainer for endurance and maybe do some hill repeats.

I went for a swim today. Took Jesse and did some lengths during public swimming. it was pretty cool to have better vision with regular swim goggles and even more so, to be able to see around the pool deck when I took them off. I wasn't up to par so only did about 40 minutes, maybe 800m? I lost count a bit so I'm guesstimating. I alos loved my new silicone swim cap. It was awesome. Smooth, tight, and no hair pulling! My hair was still dry when I took it off!

Later today, I went for a run. I did not feel like going but the sun had come out (after snow showers of all things!) so I couldn't resist. My shins/calves are sore from the MT yesterday but I decided to just go for it anyway. They didn't really hurt all that much while I was running anyway. I did mostly 5 min run intervals today and decided to do a full 5km run. The 5 minutes I walked as a cool down. My run total was 17:00 though, a bit too big a jump from my last run I think. Well, maybe not. That was 24 min and that's still about a 10% increase right? OK, I feel better. Hmm, didn't know I could talk to myself on a blog. Weird girl. Anyhoo, I am happy to have done 5km even if it took me 40 minutes. I'll try to do that 2 more times this week. Yeah.

Late. Hope my eyes are better tomorrow. They sucked today.

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