Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eye am slowly going crazy

So when did I last write? A week ago? Did I say that the eye doctor told me some people often see improvement within a few days of stopping the Flarex? Well I guess I'm not SOME people. For the first couple of days, my eyes were about the same - up and down. Then for the past 5 days in a row, they've been pretty bad. They are slightly better immediately after I put Refresh drops in, but then they go double again. I can hardly read things on the board in class, or see people's faces, or recognize details on larger things from a distance. It's freakin' driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!! Every morning I wake up hoping to be able to see a bit better, and for the past 5 mornings, I even look blurry and distorted in the mirror. Argh. I don't know if I should make yet another appt with the eye doctor or not. I always go in, listen to what he has to say, and leave feeling optimistic, and then 3-4 days later, I'm frustrated again.

I've been using the Muro 128 drops 2-3 times a day. I stopped using the ointment at night because it seemed to making my eyes gummy in the morning and it seemed like that was affecting my sight. It may not be though because it has not improved in the past 3 mornings without it. I put Refresh drops in 2-3 times during the night because they are so dry, and probably 6-10 times during the day.

I am still finding it really hard to feel normal and to function mornally. I DO all the regular stuff but I feel weird and 'off'. I've been going for runs and that's working out ok although I sometimes stumble a bit if the ground is uneven. I am just more careful, that's all. I have been riding but it's still pretty freaky riding fast downhill or even just riding fast on the flats so I've been a bit more cautious and Erik rides with me in traffic etc and he lets me lead so I have some clear space in front of me. I am getting better at 'reading' the road so it's not quite as bad as it was at first. I really can't get into hard riding until my eyes clear up though and it pisses me off that I can't get glasses or contacts to help me see.

Anyway, I guess that's just where I'm at right now. I am rather impatiently waiting for something good to happen. I can't wait. The ONLY reason I am optimistic at all is because my visual acuity is good and I can see quite well when I have a clear film of liquid in my eyes so it probably only is a case of waiting for the cornea to heal. I have 4 colleagues who've been through this and the ones who did PRK have had similar experiences. They told me to be patient, but in reality, my eyes are healing much more slowly than theirs did...


My training is a little bit hit and miss right now but I'm doing OK I think. My running has been the only consistent part and that's good because I really need to work on that more than anything else. My biking will be fine once I can get back on it. For now, I'm going to do hill repates once a week because I don't have to see well to do that. And I'll do at least one longish ride with Erik and hopefully, once faster ride with Erik as well. He's riding more often and can hopefully do his hard, fast rides when he's alone so he doesn't mind going a bit easier and staying with me a couple times a week. I really need to get on swimming but at least I know that will come fast again once I'm in the pool. So here's the update, one sport at a time.


I know I wrote last that my shin splints were much better according to my MT. And I do think she's right because they (hradly) hurt when I run. But they do send me thru the roof if I push on them. I am trying to stretch and ice and rub the knots out the best I can. However, now that I'm up to 6 minutes of running, and 28-30 minutes of running total (5km), they are hurting again. I am hoping that I can just keep on working through it. I should probably make another massage appt just in case though. I'll email her tomorrow I guess. Next week I see the orthoped so we'll see what she says too. I ran Monday and Wednesday after school and did 5km total in about 36 minutes. I still walk for 1 min after every 6. Next week I hope to run 8 minutes. I hope. Then my time should decrease too. We'll see.


Well I have a new problem. Today, Jesse was off at his Dad's and I really wanted to swim because I couldn't go on Monday as planned. Erik wanted to ride and right now I can't drive myself to the pool so that makes it really hard. I have to mess up their plans if I want to swim. Anyway, we threw Erik's bike in the van and he dropped me off at the pool and went off to ride hard in NOrth Glenmore for an hour while I swam Great plan right? Wrong. I went into the pool and found out they've cancelled the 5-6pm lane swim times from now on. What a piss off! The only times are during the day (or 6am, yeah right). If I want to swim during the week, I have two choices. Share a single lane with a bajilliong other displaced adults during the public swim time from 7-8:30pm (not great but maybe doable IF I can drive myself). or go to adult swim times o T and Th which is 8:30-9:30. Too late for me. That was the reason why I didn't join the Masters program. Ugh. I may have to ask them to refund my money for my 3 month swim pass I jsut bought. I dunno.

But I HAVE to swim 3 times a week or I wont' be ready for the triathlon so either I start going in the evenings or I look into the YMCA. I went to the website and checked out their memberhsip options. Twice as much money, but LOTS of options, including gym time, free programs, and ALL DAY lane swimming. ALL DAY!!! I could even take Jesse with me and he could swim for fun while I did lengths. Erik said he could come out too and ride the TT route during that time. Of course, the biggest problem is that it's a 30-40 minute drive depending on traffic. Oh how I wish the new pool was open... Only 4 minutes away, and 50m olympic sized pool Sigh.... Only one more year....

Mission Aquatic Centre Scheduled to open March 2009

Another eye update

One final note - I ordered some coolio sunglasses. Rudy Project Rydon 2 with polarized lenses. A lotta money but oh soo nice... Should get them in another week or so. Erik and bought them for our birthdays... :)

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