Saturday, April 12, 2008

Training Plan Adjustments

First off - my eyes are about the same. I am supposed to go back on the Flarex now two times a day and I can't get an after school appointment until May 5th. I will see how I feel next week and if it's not better, then I might take a half day off and go in to see the eye doc sooner. My new Rudy Project sunglasses are not in yet either. :(

Training Plans

Jesse had his baseball evaluation today and the teams are being made up this week. We are supposed to get a call in the day or so to find out the practice and game schedule. They are both week days and last year the games were at 6pm so I assume that's the same. So - guess I'll wait and see. Ill stay to watch the games, but I'll ride or run during the practices.

I managed to do 5km runs at lunch on Running Club days this week. I went out and did 1-2 laps before the kids started and then I ran with them for the last part. So I'm changing my running days to T and Th for now. Along with that change, I am thinking about changing my Saturday run to Sunday so I don't have to do all 3 on Saturdays and I'll have two days of rest before my Sunday run.

So one new tentative plan, depending on the baseball schedule is:

Sun - run, bike (E3-hilly)
Mon - swim
Tues - run, bike (F1-hill repeats or recovery)
Wed - swim, bike (F1 or recovery)
Thurs - run
Fri - off
Sat - swim, bike (brick, M1 - Tempo to NG or Rut)

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