Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plugging Along

Well, here's another weekend, almost come and gone. It's been a bit of a messed up week, although I knew it would happen. Too many interruptions beyond my control and this lack of driving ability really throws a monkey wrench into things too. No, my eyes aren't any better, but I did try Erik's prescription sunglasses yesterday and found that they actually make a big difference for riding. They have a very narrow area of improvement but it just happens to be the vision I am lacking. They bring the 50-100 feet range into clearer view which will help immensely on fast rides. I will be able to see the road before it comes to me! Erik has very graciously offered me the use of his prescription which clip right into my new Rudy Project sunglasses. This means he'll have to wear his regular glasses and his clip ons. What a guy! He just gets a brand new pair of cool sunglasses and he has to lend them to me. It'll only be for a week or two and then I have my next eye appt. Maybe I can get something to help me then.

All this stuff in the news about the FDA hearing about LASIK surgery has me a bit worried. Argh. I will try not to think about it. I had PRK anyway and that's not what is being covered, but there are certainly some overlap in the concerns.

So - what did I do this week as far as training is concerned?

• Two runs at school
- thank goodness for the Running Club. Bumped it up to 12 minutes of running and 1 min walk. 37 min to do 5km. Getting there slowly.

• One swim on Saturday. I felt great on the swim, especially since I didn't swim all week. I did 400m of warmups and didn't have to rest every 25m. Then I swam 400m straight. And another 300m stopping and starting a bit. Tried swimming 50m as fast as I could and did it in just a tad over one minute. My hart was pounding after that though so it's not something I could maintain. I guess I'll start doing some faster intervals. I could have swum longer but Erik was waiting so we could go to the LBS and test rides some bikes. I tried out my new Tyr swim goggles and they fit MUCH better than the other ones. No leaks at all!! Didn't connect with the lady who's selling the wet suit so I'll try that next week instead.

• One bike ride on Saturday Did 13 k on my road bike on the flats and 10km trying out a Willier bike which needed a shorter stem because I was too stretched out, and the seat I think was a bit too high so my crotch is hurting today. Next week, I'm going to try the Scott Contessa Cr1 Pro. I need a new bike!

Too big things I'd found about trying out new bikes - if the fit isn't perfect, you can't really judge it because it feels crappy. And I really need to know my speed when I'm riding it. Without my computer, I have no idea if it's faster on the climbs. I took my Garmin but there was no place to mount it. I am going to try to figure out some way to attach it temporarily to the handlebar or my wrist so I can can judge if the bike really is faster. We did take it out for a good 10k ride and did some climbing in East Kelowna.

Today I was planning to join the Sunday Ride but I just didn't feel 100% when I got up so I bailed. It'll be a very challenging ride for me and I need to feel strong if I'm going to attempt it. This will be better for Erik anyway because now he won't have to wait for me after the long climbs and he can do a hard ride and keep up with the rest of the guys. Then if we join the ride next week, he'll be more likely to be willing to wait for me, the hill slug.

Well, I'm off to do a run, 5.5 km I hope. Going to start bumping up my weekend run by a half km every week till I get to 10km. See how that goes. I am having some pain in my big toe joint when I bend my right foot. I don't know if it's from my shoes (same old problem rearing it's head again), or if it's because I wore my shoes with heels two days in a row. Or maybe even because I wore my running shoes all day after the lunch run on Thursday. Anyway, it's sore. I just speed laces but I think I'd better take them out and keep the status quo so I don't add another problem into the mix.

My weight

119.9 yesterday 120.1 this morning. I did eat a White Spot burger on Friday night though, and had wine with dinner last night. I'm trying though! I'm going to make up a week's lunch and dinner plan today so I can't bail on the diet all week. It jsut takes organization!

This Week's Plan

Sun- run 5.5k, bike 20km
Mon - swim
Tues - 3un 5k (allergy shot, baseball game)
Wed - swim, hills if time (baseball game)
Thurs - run 5km, bike easy?
Fri - bike? or rest
Sat - swim, bike

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