Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3 Update

Well, it's been a pretty good week overall but I still haven't been out on my bike as much I'd like.

Here's what I planned - I have put in bold what I actually accomplished.

Sun- run 5.5k, bike 20km
Mon - swim
Tues - run 5k (allergy shot, baseball game)
Wed - swim, hills if time
Thurs - run 5km, bike easy - did hard ride instead
Fri - bike? or rest
Sat - swim, bike (sort of)

So on Sunday, I just didn't feel well enough to ride and couldn't fit it in later because I had school work to get done. Wednesday - I just couldn't fit in the bike. Thursday - we did a hard ride up to North Glenmore. I really hammered up the long 10km climb and kept a good pace. I can't compare to my best time though because we had a flat and had to take a side trip to pick up extra tubes. It must have been a hard ride because I could barely walk on Friday. :) That also might have been due to the run as well. It's weird though because it was the inner thighs that hurt so much - that has never happened before. No clue why. So anyway, I took my rest day on Friday.

Saturday - I had a poor sleep and was super tired in morning and very hectic schedule - couldn't do swim. Sigh. I was really looking forward to it too because I FINALLY bought a WETSUIT!! It's a 2005 Orca Speedsuit in excellent shape. I got it for $200 which I think was a good deal. I guess I'll have to wait another week to try it in the pool. Can't wait!

The only biking I did on Saturday was a short 6km terst ride on a Ruby. So far it's the best fitting bike I've ridden.

So again, I've been tweaking my training schedule. We're going to do the "B" group for the Sunday ride tomorrow. I don't think I can do a 6km run AND a long hard 70km ride on the same day so I'm going to swim and run on Saturdays instead. Then that got me to thinking. Maybe I'll jsut keep on running at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays once Running Club is over with. And then swim on those afternoons. That would leave the other day open for biking. That might work better since running and biking on the same day seems to be tough on my legs. (Hmmm, got figure that one out before the Tri, LOL...)

My running is coming along. I did 15 min run, 1 min walk this week and managed fine. if I can do a run tomorrow, I'll try for 6km, if not, I'll do that next weekend.

So here's my training plan for this week. It's Bike to Work Week so I have to factor that in too. It means I have to ride 15km to and from the pool to swim.

Sun - long bike (Sunday Ride 70km very hilly)
Mon - swim (this week only) (bike commute to work and to the pool)
Tues - run (bike commute)
Wed - bike (+commute)
Thur- run, swim (bike commute to work and pool)
Fri - rest - (+commute)
Sat - long run, swim (easy bike if time)


Not much else to say - they're still the same. I have my eye doctor appointment on Monday. Crossing my fingers. I don't know he's going to be able to do about it though. Maybe I can get temp glasses for riding though.

I have more to say. Will add to this post later. :)


I gave the Specialized Ruby a test ride yesterday and it fit like a glove. They didn't have an "Expert" in so I rode the "Comp" instead . I'm sure the Expert will be just that much better. I don't LOVE love the colour but it's nice enough. Here's a pic.

The other bike I want to try is the Scott Contessa CR1 Pro. It's a much prettier bike but the fit and feel will be what's important. Right now they only have a 50 cm in - so I'm hoping they can get a 48 in for me to try. I looked at the website and it looks like they only have 49 so I'm going to try the 50 that there and see how it feels.

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