Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bikes, bikes, bikes....

Today we went to one of our local bike stores so Erik could try the Trek Madone 5.2. He really liked the Roubaix but wanted to give the Madone a fair shot as well. I decided that I would try the Madone 4.7 even though it's not as nice as the 5.1 but lo and behold, there was a 5.1 in the shop! Apparently Trek rethought its decision to discontinue the 5.1 and the LBS was able to bring in a couple. Well, that changed everything. Now I had to rethink what I was going to do because I had completely discounted the idea of the 5.1 up until now. They didn't have a 5.1 in my size at the moment, although one is available, so I took the equally lovely 4.7 out for a spin. It was VERY nice.

There are only two difference between the two bikes. The 5.1 has a carbon seat post that is an elliptical shape so it can't be turned, and it's made of OCLV carbon which SOME people think is better (because it's made in the good ole USofA and not Taiwan.) The 4.7 is TCT carbon and has a standard seatpost. The 5.1 is $150 more money (not a big issue to me since the Ruby expert is another $600 on top of that.) They are both pretty to look at although I have a slight preference for the 5.1 Take a look, what do YOU think?

Trek Madone 4.7

Trek Madone 5.1

My only ride this weekend was the 12km test ride. I couldn't swim today because we were bike shopping and we went to see part of the little guy's baseball game this afternoon. Later, Erik went for a ride and I did my run. The temps were still around 28C at the time but I managed. I am tired of taking walk breaks so I went steady the entire 5km. I won't know the physical cost until tomorrow I guess. My shins are bit sore right now though. I FINALLY got down to a 30 minute 5km. Still have a ways to go to get down last year's PR of 26:17 though.

Tomorrow, it's another test ride (Cannondale System 6), more baseball, and HOPEFULLY a swim. Thankfully it's a long weekend so I might be able to squeeze in a swim on Monday if I can't tomorrow. Hmm, I'd better go check the Y's schedule. They might be doing something special for the long weekend...

Weight is down to 117.4 today. That's an all time low I think.

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