Monday, May 19, 2008

This Week's Plan

I decided to have an easy week in preparation for my hard metric century ride next Sunday. Also, it's a short week and I have a staff meeting as well. Good news is that there are no baseball games this week.

Sun(yesterday) - wanted to swim but only had time to test ride a bike.
Mon - 40km ride to NG and 1 km run (brick)
Tue - run 5km, swim?
Wed - or swim?
Thu - staff meeting, 5km run if time
Fri - staff party
Sat - easy ride, run?

(Sun - hilly 100km, hard and fast)

I am still feeling tired and "off" so I will take it easy. If I ride, they'll be easy rides. I might skip one run. I will only have time to swim once.

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