Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feelin' good


It is an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning and I am headed out for my 'long' run (6-6.5km). I know, to you marathoners, it's a short run, but I'm gettin' there! LOL. I was forced into taking it easy for several weeks and I was only only able to squeeze in 3k and 4k runs this week at school so I hope I can push a little further than 5k today. I may take a walk break or two if I need it though.

If I want to build up to a half marathon by October, I do need to gradually extend the length of one run a week. I have a plan for increasing my mileage over the next few months (it's down the right side of my blog) but I have to be cautious because the triathlon is my main goal until the end of August. I will adjust as necessary.

I am really happy to hear about Adam Tinkoff's Zen Run 10K because if it turns out I'm not able to make the whole 22km distance for the World Wide Half Marathon by October, I'll for sure be able to do the 10K. So I have signed up for both!

Next Sunday, June 8th, is the 5km Women's Run. I am definitely going to do it but 'm not sure what my strategy will be. Last year, I was doing a 29-30 min 5km run on average before the race and when I did the Women's Run, I went all out and had a time of 26:17. Of course, I ended up injured and couldn't run for weeks so I should probably avoid that this time. Haha. It'll be interesting to see if I can rein it in this year and stick with a 5km no faster than 28-29 minutes. Since I had to start running from zero again this January, I shouldn't be worrying about trying to beat last year's time anyway. I gotta keep the big picture in mind and not get injured!

Tri Training

My plan for this weekend is to do a long run today and a swim on Saturday or Sunday. I will bike on one or both days depending on how our errands and household duties work out. Today would be the best day to ride because it's so nice out and tomorrow there is a 70% chance of showers. I guess we'll see.

Overall I didn't do too bad on my training this week.

I took Monday off after the big ride, and then did only a 3k run on Tuesday and an easy 25k bike ride after school. I was too busy on Wednesday with meetings and baseball so on Thursday I did a 4k run at noon and did a 1550m swim after school. Friday is my regular rest day. My shins are still acting up but are not debilitating so I am ignoring them for now. LOL.

This week's plan

Sun - bike
Mon - swim (during the kids' lessons)
Tues - run
Wed - bike
Thurs - run
Fri - off
Sat - swim, bike
Sun - 5k race

Ze Bike

My bike is still not in, not that I realistically expected to get it this week. They said it's on its way and I should get it late next week. I hope so!


The eyes are still driving me crazy. I think my right eye has improved so now the contact I got last month seems too strong. Plus it's getting increasingly more difficult to get out at night. I think I need to use more drops in my eyes during the day because I think it is drying out and sticking to my sensitive eyes. I have an eye appointment on Wednesday so I am anxious to see if I can right. It's still taking me a long time to get used to the monovision and my brain still has not adjusted to having one eye stronger than the other. Argh.


I have been listening to a lot of running podcasts lately and I'd like to take a moment to give them some credit right here. These people have really motivated me to keep on running. I enjoy hearing their podcasts and reading their blogs and I feel like I am getting to know them, which of course is a little weird, because they don't know ME from Adam. (No pun intended...)

Phedippidations - Steve Runner

Running from the Reaper - Nigel

Another Runner - Adam Tinkoff

Running Adventures - Marathon Chris

4 Feet Running - Nik and Dan

Confessions of a Runner - Jodi

The Extra Mile Podcast - a lotta people!

Well I've gotta get out for my run before it gets too hot. More later!

3pm Update: had my best run so far. 6.5km, no pain. Didn't have to walk. I love Saturday mornings. An hour later, went out for a ride. Didn't plan to go for long so didn't wear sunscreen. Ended up out for 2.5 hours, 62km. Oops. :)

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