Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I had my eye doctor appointment yesterday and it seems my eyes have regressed since the last appointment 5 weeks ago. This is a good news / bad news scenario. The bad news is that they have regressed, and I suppose that increases the likelihood that I will need a second surgery. The good news is that this regression is CORRECTABLE and I can wear glasses or contacts to improve my vision now. My right eye is currently -1.75 and my left eye is -2.25 with some slight astigmatism. Because I didn't want to wear glasses, he decided to give me a contact lens for my right eye only so that will still be able to read. The difference between my eyes is fairly noticeable right now (after one day) but I am hoping that my brain will adjust and learn to pay attention to my right eye for distance. The other good news is that even if I get the touch up surgery next fall/winter, I know what to expect and can deal with it a little better (I think :)

Anyway - it was wonderful to be able to go to work and sort of see better. If I close my left eye, I can see really well - 100%. What an amazing feeling to be able to see clearly again for 9 weeks. You can no idea how good that feels. I wish I could see that well with both eyes but I will wait a week or so and see how it goes. If I don't seem to be adjusting, I might see if I can get a contact lens for the left eye as well - maybe only partially correcting it??


My weight has been down as low as 118.8 but mostly it's hanging around 119.5 right now. Half a pound a week loss is ok by me. I'm not really 'dieting' but I am trying to eat well. Still haven't been able to find the time to look for a Tanita Body Fat Scale....

Bike to Work Week

This is a challenging week to ride to work, deal with Jesse and his bike, and get all my training in. For example on Monday I had my eye appt at 2:45 and Jesse had a baseball game at 5:30. But I still wanted to go for a swim in between. So Erik took Jesse home and took him to his game while I RODE 5km to my eye appt, then RODE 12km to the pool, SWAM 1300m, RODE 10km to the ball park and met the boys there. I put my bike in the car and watched the game (bought a sandwich for supper) and then got a ride home at 8:30. A long day.

Today, I only rode to and from work because I ran 5km at noon. I had to ride slowly up the hill so I didn't work my already-tired legs too hard. And today Jesse ran the entire 5km with me! Whoo hoo - I didn't know he could do that!!! Not ONE word of complaint. Pretty good for a ten year old.

Tomorrow, Erik and I really want to bike after school but somehow we have to get Jesse home first. He REALLY doesn't want to ride his bike up the hill so I may have to do the climb with him and get him settled at home, and THEN go for my ride which would mean climbing the UGLY hill TWICE! Ugh. I don't know if I can convince him to ride home alone or not. He's quite capable but he may not be willing. We'll see.

On Thursday, I want to swim again and Jesse has a 5:30 baseball game so I'll probably ride my bike home and drive to the pool right after school so I can get home in time for his game.

And so it continues....


An Athlete In Training said...

Let me save you some looking time for the Tanita scale

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Anonymous said...

Funny you mentioned the Tanita scale. We were in Spokane over the weekend for the Bloomsday race. While at the expo we and came across a both that was demoing the "Ironman" Tanita scales. I bought one immediately. Amazing technology. - Paul