Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is April?!

Woke up to snow this morning. It's April 19th. I have flowers blooming. I got a sunburn last weekend. I was going to ride my bike today! Unbelievable!

Here are two shots of my tulips. The first one was taken at noon and the 2nd was taken at 3pm. The snow is gone from the lower elevations now. I think my son's baseball practice will be a 'go' tomorrow. :)

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Sue said...

Hi Barb!

Found your blog via Team Estrogen, then Buckeye Outdoors!

We are having very similar weather down here in Seattle! I swear it seems more like February instead of April. Did Mother Nature move her seasons back and not inform us of the change? I am so tired of this cold, snow, hail, wind, and rain! We had one nice weekend (a tease from Mother Nature the weekend of April 12th) I actually wore shorts and no jacket on my bike ride that glorious day!

Oh well here's hoping for warmer weather SOON!

Hang in there!