Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well after FOUR days off, I ran today with the kids - OMG, I can't believe I've had 4 days off - I will be as strong as an ox with all the muscle I must have built during that rest time LOL. Overall I felt good. Somehow I managed to drain the Garmin battery AGAIN, and I didn't have a watch but, anal me, I counted my steps so I could keep on track. I did 12 minute runs with 1 min walk breaks today. 5 km took me about 37 minutes. I ran one loop around the block, then 3 km with the kids (although it took them awhile to catch me) and then one more loop to finish up. The last set of running, my lower quads and knee were getting tight and starting to hurt so I stopped and walked one minute after only 7 minutes of running. Whatever it takes to stay injury-free. I iced my legs after and did some stretching. I think I'll be ok tomorrow. It's my Thursday run that usually hurts me later. We shall see.

Down to 120.3 lbs this morning. Yahoo! Hope it's not an aberration.

I hope to swim tomorrow (and maybe do hill repeats before going out for dinner although that's not too likely).

Well that's all for now I guess. :)

1500 calories today. Ooops. It was all healthy stuff though. Just too much bread.

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