Friday, August 15, 2008


The wet suit water temp cutoff is 22C. They never (or rarely) have had no wetsuits for the Apple Triathlon. Yesterday the water temp was 20.9C. It was 37C today (100F) and it's supposed to be hot again tomorrow. The temp for the aquathon this afternoon was 24C. The girl who makes the decisions says it doesn't look good. I will find out at the pre-race meeting tomorrow at 4pm with a final decision made on Sunday morning.

I need to go down and do a lake swim tomorrow in a regular swim suit. I have not done that. I will be ok but it will certainly make a difference to my confidence level in the water.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this....

Now I have to rethink my T1 routine. It'll be easier with no wetsuit.


I practiced transitions at home this evening (Friday night). I put on my wetsuit and got in the hot tub on the back deck, then I got out and ran down the hill to the front yard and practiced the rest out front, riding one lap around the block. After the first try, I did it a few more times, without the wetsuit part, until I felt I had a it nailed. Some of the neighbours saw me and probably thought I looked pretty weird. Naturally, Erik took pictures. :)

Transition Set Up

Dork in the Hot Tub

Finished the "Swim"

Racing Down the Hill to T1 (Hope the real tri has a better path that this)

Wetsuit Off (I'm so good at this and now I may not need it??!)

Bike Shoes On

Clipping In

On the Bike

Return From the One KM Ride

Getting Ready to Run

Trying to Fix my Darn Ponytail (Got that figured out now)


Paul said...

You must be the talk of the neighbourhood. LOL

Lybbe said...

Nice of you to keep the neighbours