Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Update

I did the swim this morning and I felt great! I didn't have any panicky feelings and nothing freaked me out. We swam quite far out and I was lucky that Carmelle's husband Rob Swan and one other guy were swimming with me so I felt more confident. Afterwards, Rob gave me some general advice about the swim and helped me with sighting and I felt so lucky to be able to get some support and advice someone like him.

Anyway, I am totally ready for the tri now. Bring it on!!!!!!!

And on a sidenote, the video below is absolutely hilarious but only if you use twitter...

I'm sorry Mr. Hitler, Sir. Twitter is down again....

PS Britishbulldog is running a contest on his blog. You can have a chance to win Dean Karnazes' new book "Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days by clicking here.


jeff said...

i laughed so hard at that. whoever put that together got the timing and the text perfect.

good luck on the tri! the swim, for me, has always been the biggest struggle. i nearly dnf'ed on my first because of the mass start panic. my best success, in the following race, came as a result of me taking a few minutes before my wave went to give myself a pep talk.

i reminded myself of what i needed to do. get my face in the water. focus on my stroke. relax. don't mind the bumps. go hard, but not so hard that my heart rate got out of control. most of all, i visualized being successful and having a swim like one of my best training swims. it worked.

best of luck to you!

MarathonChris said...

Great video! You are right though - no one but Tweeters can understand.

way to go on the training! and tapering...

steve said...

open water swimming....scary!

thanks for the link to the contest. any other takers?

good luck in the tri!