Monday, August 11, 2008

Obsessively anal or what?

I've read every triathlon book and magazine I can get my hands on, talked to every experienced triathlete who could tolerate my non-stop questions, and read online forums ad nauseum. I really wanted to try to learn from other people's mistakes and have tried to incorporate their advice into my training program and race plan. I don't know what else to do to be ready other than to calm myself down and just do it. I was telling someone the other day that right now the waiting feels like a combination of a dental appointment and Christmas.

So to that point, I've been writing down a list of things I need to take and a plan of what I need to do/think on race day (and the days before.) Yes, I'm anal and obsessive - I know that. :)

So here's my list and my plan so far. I'll probably log back in and tweak it during the week as I think of other things. I really find that having a list helps to get stuff off my mind and keeps me relaxed.

The night before
• high carb, low fat, low fiber meal, water, sleep.
• bag and backpack ready
• clothes laid out
• breakfast food ready
• calm, focussed, relaxed (LOL, yeah right)

My Bike
• on the bike – garmin, bento box, underseat bag, water bottle
• bento box – puffer, shot blox
• underseat bag – tube, 2 CO2, tire levers, contacts case
• helmet – sunglasses, epipen, race belt

What I'll wear

•tri top, shorts, HRM, watch, sandals, track suit if it's cool, hat, ponytail, sunglasses

In my bag
• runners, bike shoes, 2 sox, pink polka dot towel (easier to spot), wet suit, swim cap, goggles, body glide, hand towel, extra water bottles

In backpack with Erik
• extra epipen
• camera
• food
• jacket
• tylenol
• cell phone
• TP or kleenex

Before – T1/2 set up, body mark, warm up, HRM on, body glide, wetsuit, watch, ponytail, swim cap, goggles, leave sandals, turn on garmin.

Just before entering water, start timer on watch. Check it!

T1 set up – pink polka dot towel, helmet w/epipen, garmin, race belt: bike shoes, garmin on, hand towel, water bottle, gatorade bottle

Exiting water
- fill suit with water, peek at watch and memorize time if I can, take off watch, hold in mouth, lift goggles, take off top of wetsuit, put watch back on if I can but don't worry about it too much (all while running). Goal: Anything less than 20 minutes will be great.

At T1 - take off wetsuit, goggles, cap. Put on shoes, helmet, epipen, race belt. Have a drink. Run with bike. Start Garmin. Glance at watch if I can (swim/T1 total). Get on bike, clip in, ride fast.

On Bike
– get HR under control, eat shot blox, drink water, climb hard, push on flats, spin a bit before 2nd climb, lap button on 2nd lap if I can, go hard, drink, eat. Hit lap button at end of bike. Goal: 30 kmh avg, 20 min lap.

T2 set up
- runners, sox ready in runners, hat, extra water/gatorade, shot blox, hand towel, race belt, adjust ponytail

Bike to Run – run with bike, rack it, helmet off, shoes off, sox and runners on. Grab Garmin off bike. Drink. Carry hat, sunglasses, garmin. Starting running – adjust ponytail, hat on, sunglasses on. Lap button at start of run, and each km if I want to.

On Run – steady, HR under control, 6:00 pace – 1st km. Pick it up each km. Goal: 5:30-6:00 km avg? (27-28 minutes)


To Do List

Pick up race package at RAC any time
Thu – 4-8 pm
Fri – 12-8 pm
Sat – 12-8 pm

Bike/helmet inspection (voluntary)
Fri/Sat 12-8 pm

Practice swim
Sat 1:00-1:45 pm

Bike Drop off
Sat 3-8pm

Pre-race meeting
Sat 4:30 pm

Body Marking
Sun 5:30-7:00 am

Opening Ceremony
Sun 7:00 am Tugboat Bay

Race start
Sun 7:15am + be there 30 minutes early

Watch Elite Race
Sun 11:10 male / 11:45 female

Watch Awards
Sun 4:00 pm

Post-Race Social at Beer Gardens
Sun 11:00-6:00 pm


MarathonChris said...

Looks like my marathon prep list...mine is for about the week leading up to it.

It helps to run through the entire thing in your mind, helps you feel like you are NOT missing anything.

You are so ready.. :-)

Rachel said...

Oh my god, girl! You are anal! Is this your first tri? Sounds like you are really prepared. Geez, I never did half that stuff.
You'll be fine! I used to go so hard on the bike and run that I would cramp in the pool.

Sprint tri's are a blast.

Gregg said...

Good list. Mine is similar. I use a red and yellow Lion King towel myself, really easy to spot and a good conversation started especially with the cute girl on the next rack.