Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's all good

Saturday Morning Update 9:30am
I got up early to go downtown and watch the Try-a-Tri and the Kids of Steel - very exciting down there. No wetsuits allowed today. We also realized that my transition spot is pretty unaccessible for photos during race time - oh well. I took a couple of photos.

On my way home, I stopped at Gyro beach and put on my tri suit (the pink top and shorts) and swam 500m. It was absolutely fine and I swam about the same speed I always do. I got out of the lake feeling more confident than ever. I CAN do this. I really CAN!!!!

Saturday Afternoon Update 3:30pm I swam the tri route in my black speedo in 16:48. Yeah baby, that's much faster than I had hoped. It was really choppy and wavy so I found it tough going. Was off track a few times and stopped once to calm down on my back but still made good time overall.

Saturday Afternoon Update: 6:15 pm Just got home from the pre-race meeting - my swim time is at 7:25am. I have to be out of body marking by 6:30 am and out of the transition area by 7am. Warmup swim in side area then marshall at 7:15.

I can do this!

Still haven't made the final decision on what to wear. I'm now leaning toward my black swim suit and adding my black running shorts for the bike/run. I think I can swim faster in the swimsuit. I dunno.

8:45pm - Heading to bed. I had spaghetti and french bread for supper. No Sangria tonight. Everything's packed up more or less. Bike is locked up safely in transition. I will be posting updates from twitter tomorrow morning so if you can't wait for my blog update, read my twitter posts on the sidebar - over there--------->

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