Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26th

Gee, guess it's time for a catch-up. Not surprisingly, I've been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas. As a teacher, I tend to leave all my organizing until I'm out of school on the 19th and then hit it hard. Subsequently, I've done nothing but cook, clean, shop, wrap, (and party!).

Here's a quick recap of the workouts I did manage to squeeze in.

Dec. 18
- did the week 5 push exhaustion test. Only did 30, needed to do 45 so repeating week 5.

Dec. 21
- Week 5, day 1 pushups, situps exhaustion test (50), 3X20 crunches and 2X30 plank.

Dec. 23 - 4.3km run in 31:19. Snowy, -12C, felt ok.

Dec. 24
- Week 5, Day 2 pushups

Dec. 25 - 30 min snowy walk with the dogs.

Dec. 26 - Week 5, day 3 pushups (13+13+15+15+2+12+10+31=121
- Week 1, Day 1 situps (double the pushups plan, column 3) 20+24+14+14+18=90
- Upper body strength workout

We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of good food, and good company. I'm still waiting for my sister and her family to make it here to Kelowna if it ever stops snowing on the coast...

My kids gave me a beautiful framed photo of the three of them. Gorgeous kids if I do say so myself. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Stuart said...

Busy Busy Busy...Great photo!

Elements of Erin 337 said...

Beautiful family! What a great gift.