Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30th

Went for a run this afternoon. Still snowy. Legs a bit tight and sore but ok. Went slow and did a 10 min walk/run warmup and walked 1 min after another 10 and then last 5 minutes walked home. Only did 4km.

I cut this from my Beginner Triathlete log - my totals for 2008. Of course, I still have one day left so they may change a bit.

Bike:117h 51m 59s - 2743.65 KM
Run:62h 18m 13s - 508.07 KM
Swim:36h 38m 01s - 64450 M
Strength:26h 15m
Hiking:2h 00m
Yoga:6h 35m

That is a total of 251:38:13

I averaged about 5 hours a week over the whole year. My winter hours were less and my summer hours were closer to 10 per week.

I love data...

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