Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9th

No more whining, how 'bout some cheese?

Here's a pic of me taken a few days ago day, showing off my new hardware. Cool eh? It's one of those sickly-looking "by the light of my computer" photos taken when I still wasn't feeling too well, but it'll have to do for now. Yeah, I know you can't really see them all that well. That's why I paid extra to have clear front brackets.
:-# <--- me smiling with braces. Braces - feeling better day by day. I can eat most normal food now - I just can't bite into hard things like nuts, raw veggies (wah) and meat. Still need lots of wax, especially on the back brackets. Cleaning my teeth is a major operation twice a day though. I need to get up earlier now. :)

Training - I didn't feel like going for a run after I got home from work but I forced myself with a little help and encouragement from my twitter friends (thanks Zappoman, UltraRob, and Marathonchris!). After my crappy run on Sunday, I wasn't expecting much but I had no pain at all! I could have run longer but I stopped after 30 minutes just to be on the safe side. My feet felt ok in the new runners too. Did about 10 minutes of yoga when I got home. Yay me!

Big News about the New Aquatic Centre!

I am SO stoked and excited about the April opening of the new pool. Currently I have a monthly membship at the YMCA which I love. However, it's a 30 minute drive from my house so I tend not to go unless I'm doing intense training.

The new Aquatic Centre will be run by the YMCA as well and it's only 3.5 km from my house, a short 4 minute drive. The monthly membership fee includes EVERYTHING, including the Olympic size pool (52m), 10,000 square feet of workout space, and a huge waterpark.

All this for only $45 a month, which is actually less than the $55 I'm paying for the cushy private change rooms at the Y right now.

Mission Aquatic Centre Pictures


Leisure Indoor Water Park

Accommodates up to 500 swimmers including a wide variety of interactive water features:
• A wave pool, with up to 1.5m high waves
• A river run with rapids and waves for an exciting ride on an inner tub or other floating device
• 3 water slides approximately 60m, 80m and 90m long
• An ocean wave surf simulator termed a “flowrider” that is ideal for the “boogie boarder”
• A children’s water play area packed with toys, spray nozzles, jets and pull valves
• A steam room
• A family orientated (wheelchair accessible) and an “adult only” whirlpool

Olympic length, 52 metre main pool

Featuring a movable floor and 2 bulkheads which will allow a variety of aquatic activities to occur simultaneously; sports and competitions, programs and enjoyment for up to 500 swimmers:
• Learn-to-swim programs
• Length swimming
• Aquatic fitness classes
• Aquatic specialty courses such as: lifeguard and instructor training; scuba diving; under water hockey; canoe & kayaking; water safety programs; and, triathlon training
• Springboard diving—2x1 metre and 2x3 metre diving boards
• Swim clubs, private rentals and birthday parties
• On-deck seating for 350-400 people

Fitness and Exercise Rooms
• 10,000 square feet of space for exercise machines, free weights and individual training
• 2,000 square feet of studio space for a full spectrum of fitness and wellness classes such as: yoga, pilates, jazz & fitness dance for all ages

Customer Service and Support Amenities
• Spacious change rooms with privacy for families and persons with disabilities
• Multi-purpose meeting room with child minding
• Food services with provision for both on-deck and lobby service


Jennifer said...

Nice picture..I would have never guessed you were wearing braces if you hadn't told! Fabulous! Yeay on feeling better and for a good start to the week!

The aquatic center sounds cool! I go to the Y and just got done loading up my bag for a good workout after work tomorrow! I am going to swim and work with some weights.

Drusy said...

Braces?? I sure don't see them! Much better than the ones I wore.

I think Dr Monte is pretty committed to the Mediterannean diet and will not stray. I think it is probably a healthy way to eat, but I'm not convinced that it helps me lose weight.

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I'm back to low carb to drop a few pounds. I know I can do it that way, and then I can easy up and go back to the Med or Palaeo diet for the longer term.

I also regret that I failed on your 30min/day challenge... I just got too busy with work and travelling and then a tummy bug, so I'm only now back on track.

Not sure if FR Forum message will go to your email, or just stay on the forum (so this may be a dup)

Take care! Toni