Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14th

Pushups, Abs, and Core

13+13+15+15+12+12+10+30=120 pushups (Week 5, Day 3)

5X30=150 crunches

Plank - regular (3X45 sec. total)

Plank - side - 30 seconds each side, feet against wall.

Plank with 20 leg lifts, and 20 arm lifts.

3X10 Squats (20 lbs)

Upper Body Strength workout with 5-10 lb hand weights

I decrease my reps and increase my weight today.

3 sets of 8 reps in this order.
1:00-2:00 rest between sets.

double tricep kickbacks - 10
double bicep curls - 10
double hammer curls - 10
shoulder press - 10
lateral raises - 35
flies - 5
french press - 20•20•16 (shoulder started to hurt)


THEN, because I was feeling so good, 40:00 on the trainer - warm up and cool down with 30:00 in Zone 2. Hard to keep my HR below 150 tho. Had to keep cadence down around 80-85...

I felt better each day this week - here are my workouts. How did YOUR week go?

8- (30:00) 31 pushup test, 120 crunches, 3X15 weights, core
9- (30:00) 4.1 km run. Felt great!
10-(30:00) 90 pushups, 125 crunches, 3X15 weights, core
11- (56:00) Run 8:00, trainer 48:00
12- (30:00) 100 pushups, 120 crunches, 3X10 weights, core
13- (33:14) 4 km run
14- (35:00) 120 pushups, 150 crunches, 3X8 weights, core

My Current Thought Process on 2009 Goals / Training

I posted this question over at BT and got some great feedback so I thought I'd put down my thoughts here as well in hopes of getting feedback from my fellow triathlete friends.

As you probably know, I did my first sprint triathlon last year, and it was a huge challenge for me but I did it, placing 4/11 in my age group. My swim was ok, my bike was excellent (16th overall) and my run sucked. (I started swimming last January, and had only been running for less than a year.)

My long term goal is to eventually do an Ironman so ever since my triathlon, I've been working on running longer and was half hoping I can do a half IM next summer (I know I can handle the bike and swim). However, I am really struggling with getting my longer runs (shins, knees etc) and I am starting to wonder if my personal strength is actually in the shorter race. I wonder if perhaps I should stop trying to do long runs and focus my run training on improving my 5k time instead. I could go a long way if I could knock 5 minutes off my run and improve my swim, maybe even podium.

So here's my question - why is the sprint considered a lesser race than doing an Oly, Half IM, or IM? When people asked me about my race coming up, as soon as I said it was a sprint, they would nod and respond as if to say - "oh, you're doing the easy one."

Are there people who specialize in doing a sprint?

Of course, I realize that I can do anything I want, and what other people think is irrelevant, I'm just trying to figure things out in my mind. And what I decide will affect my training this winter and spring.

I'm starting to think that maybe for a year or two, while I'm still young (ha ha, relatively), I should focus on really improving my 5k run, continue to work on my noob swimming skills, and maintain my bike fitness, and go for a PR in the sprint. There are lots of sprint tris around here, I could easily do 4 or more of them next spring/summer/fall. Then maybe in the years to follow, when I no longer have the short race speed, I could go back to working on my longer runs and do some endurance races where my goal would be to finish instead of place.

Anyone have any words of advice?

Here are couple of pics of the foot-deep snow on my deck.


Susan Knight said...

I always thought the attitude some people have towards sprints is very odd. I think the distance you choose is a personal one. Your sprint blows my Olympic outta the water! I really like the Olympic distance, why? No idea. I have NO desire to do an IM, but I might give a 1/2 Iron a shot. My hunch is many people choose the distance by ego. If you are doing the races for the people around you, do the longer ones. The difficulty is you might never feel close to satisfied with your times. But if you do the distance that resonates with you.. that just "feels" right - you will get more out of the races than a time to write in a training journal.

That said.. At this point I am no where near your level of fitness or have the dedication to training that you do, so my head space is a touch different.. but i hope my insight helps!

Kelownagurl said...

Thanks for the feedback and I think you're right. The more I think about it, the more I realize I need to do this for me and not worry what anyone else thinks. For that matter, all I've ever had was positive support from people anyway so maybe it's all in my own head.

r3nw1ck said...

We'll I'm bummed to say I've missed a day this time around. That's what I get for putting it off until "later". Here's my December Challenge week 2:

12/8 - 45 min. jump rope
12/9 - At the gym - 3 mile treadmill run, 45 min. weights
12/10 - 30 min. jump rope hell that my body fought every minute of.
12/11 - 3.5 mile run w/ 96 pushups at lunch & 45 min. weights at gym
12/12 - 45 min. jump rope and a whole in the ceiling from the rope coming apart - a speed roping finale gone wrong!
12/13 - 4 mile run w/ 132 pushups
12/14 - 1st day missed - oops

Let's see how the next week goes...

Kelownagurl said...

Had to laugh about the hole in the ceiling... :) You're rockin! About time for a day off think!

Rick said...

I do longer distances because I am not fast enough to be competetive at shorter distances. I've only done a couple of tris but in running terms, marathon is long slow pain, where 5k is fast intense pain. I couldn't even imagine the pain of running a mile! If one's goal is simply to finish, then I would say that IM > 1/2 > oly > sprint, but if one is truly racing, each distance presents it's own challenge and one is not greater than the other.