Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7th

Today is the end of the first week of the Challenge! How did YOU do?

As you have probably read, I have been sick all week and have not been able to keep up with my 30 minutes a day but I have tried. Three days this week, I did my pushups, crunches, and yoga. On the other days, I was just feeling too crummy to do even yoga. I cannot remember the last time I was sick for this long. Maybe at least 5 or 6 years ago...

I am writing this in the morning, so that people can feel free to leave their updates in the comment box. Let us know what you did each day by commenting on this post.

I am planning to go for my Santa Run later this afternoon. I will update this post once I'm done.

8:30 Update

I was so busy all day getting ready for company and doing school work I almost didn't have a chance to do my run. Then I decided to be irresponsible and squeeze it in at the last minute crossing my fingers that I would still have time to clean up the house before people arrived at 4:30. I didn't have to time to grab my camera or my Santa hat so I didn't really participate in the Santa Run, and I didn't even do a full 5km but it sure felt good to be out there again.

I wore my new runners and they felt a bit uncomfortable so I had to stop and loosen the top laces a couple of times. My shins felt good for the first 2 km, then my knees started to tighten and I did a lot more walking than running for the last 1.5 km. I could only fit in 30 minutes so I headed back and hit the 30 minute mark just as I walked into the driveway!

Because the whole idea of this challenge to take good care of my body, I am not going to feel guilty about not working out much this week. Instead I'm going to celebrate the fact that I still managed to do all those pushups this week! When I did the first pushup test at the beginning of November, I could only do 5 in a row before I collapsed. Yay me! Tomorrow I'm going to do the next pushups test. If I can do 31 or more pushups without stopping, I'll be able to move on to Week 5. If not, I'll repeat Week 4.

So here's my summary of December Week One:

1- (30:00) 70 pushups, 100 crunches, yoga (sick)
2- Still sick
3- (30:00) 72 pushups, 100 crunches, yoga (sick)
4- Still sick
5- Still sick

6- (35:00) 85 pushups, 100 crunches, yoga (sick)
7- (30:00) run 3.77 km

Please leave a comment and let us know how YOUR week went!!


Lybbe said...

I'm 7 for 7. Still feeling like crap but getting in at least 30 minutes every day.

meechellee said...

12.4 - 48 min run. 12.5 - off.
12.6 - 8.5 mile run plus 2 mile walk (I took the bus downtown so had to walk from the bus stop to the where I meet my group for the run--I was carrying a duffel bag so, can't run). 12.7 - 25 mins (biceps, triceps, abs) + 10 mins stretching.

I'm good with running but bad in strengthening so my arm muscles are shaking! LOL!

r3nw1ck said...

Well, I figured I'd start the challenge pretty aggressive for my own pace. This way I can get loads of grief from everybody when I start to flake... :)

12/1 - 3 mile night run w/ 72 pushups. This was awesome as I had the Venus/Jupiter/Moon conjunction as a backdrop
12/2 - 3.5 mile run w/ 96 pushups at lunch, 1.5 hrs weights at the gym after work
12/3 - 45 minutes jump rope
12/4 - 3.5 mile run w/ 96 pushups at lunch, 1 hr weights at the gym after work
12/5 - 45 minutes jump rope
12/6 - 10:45PM 4 mile run w/ 132 pushups. (this was my first flake prevention attempt) Man, there's a lot of spiders out at night!
12/7 - 1.5 hrs weights at the gym

The only reason I can pull off lunch runs is working at Universal Studios where we have the entire backlot as our course and showers at our disposal. Overall, the week was great and it made me remember how much I love jumping rope!

Thanks for the challenge Kelownagurl!

OrtingRunner said...

Running a little late on my updates. 6 of 7 last week w/25 miles @ 30 mins a day. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

I am 6 for 7. Getting about an hour a day. This week I will keep track of exact workouts for reporting next week.

Kelownagurl said...

Wow, everyone is doing great!

Renwick - how cool to work at Universal. What do you do?

r3nw1ck said...

I'm in Network Operations. The backlot's a cool run. Plenty of hills if we want to take 'em and the occasional celebrity siting here or there. The catering trucks are a big tease though :)