Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zen Run 10K Race Report

Whoo hoo! I set a new PR for my 10K "race" on Saturday! My previous best time was 3 weeks ago when I ran (and walked) 12km. I did my first 10K in about 1:14:00

Saturday's time: 1:08:07

I was actually a bit disappointed in today's time because I really thought I had a good shot at coming close to, if not under, 1 hour. But by the 5K mark, I had aching knees and my IT band and quads tightened up so much that I had to resort to walking a little every 200m.

My first 3 km were great and I went quite a bit faster than I've been running as of late. My usual runs have been in the 7 min/km mark and today I was trying to stay under 6:00 if I could. That was probably my undoing because at the 4 km point, my right knee started to act up and eventually I had to do the walk/run thing for the last 6 km.

Still, I had a fairly decent time overall considering how much walking I did. My avg pace for the whole "race" was about 6:48 min/km.

(For all you Americans out there, 6 min/km = 10 min/mile)


Inspired by my Twitter friend Snowshadow, I tried taking some cell phone video before, during, and after my run. The quality was pretty bad once it was uploaded to my computer but I have posted it below so you can take a look if you want.

I also ripped the audio and used Garageband to make a mini-podcast just for the fun of it. I even added a little canned music between my audio clips so it's kind of fun to do. It's about 10 minutes in total and a bit repetitive because I was never sure which clips I'd be able to keep and which ones I'd toss.

To listen, just click play.

Zen Run 10k - Kelownagirl

YouTube Video (with the same audio)


crossn81 said...

Great job and way to be creative for the race report!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried massage therapy for that IT band problem? It worked wonders for my piriformis muscle - I go every week now for a total leg tuneup.

Lybbe said...

I wasn't trying to be anonymous - the last comment was from

Kelownagirl said...


This is the first time I've had this problem when running. I have had IT problems from cycling in the past and usually managed to avoid them now by regular stretching and using my foam roller. I do have a great MT who I see once in awhile as well.

Adam said...

Excellent run and race report Kelowna! It sucks you had to deal with the pain and problems, but great drama for the video. :)

Ultradad said...

Best WWFoR 10K video I've seen so far. Too bad about your knee. Keep movin'

Kelownagirl said...

LOL, thanks Rob! And I'm willing to bet it's the ONLY WWFoR 10K video you've seen! :)

Big Col said...

Way to go with the race report. I ran a 10k in July and my calves seized up at 9k, two sessions at the physiotherapist sorted it right out and now I do stretch first

42at42 said...

Cool video, great run. Watch those knees.

The foreign runner said...

I dropped by your site todaya nd quite like it. Oh boy, I got tired just listening to your podcast on your run. I had a look at your PB's and it is impressive. How long have you been doing triathlons and is your eye better? Keep fit.

SLB said...

Great job, nice touch with the video. Look after those knees though, take it from someone who knows all about knee issues!

Kelownagirl said...

Thanks again for all the comments!

Foreignerrunner - this was my first tri. I started swimming in January and did my first tri in August.

I'm getting laser surgery again on my right eye on November 6th. I should be able to tell if I'm happy with the result but Christmas.

Snowshadow said...

Kelownagirl...sorry about the leg ..just take it easy. Rest is so good, enjoy it.

Also my appoligies for taking so long to post this but I lost my 3GG card last week..but I have found it now> :-)

On a more positive note ...way to go on the the podcast tie in... so you can listen to it on your ipod whilst out running,best of both formats.

Terry said...

Just stopping by to say Hello. I found you on the ZenRun Page....This is soooo cool. I was running my 10K at exactly the same time.....but in Georgia... Mine was not a PR, but still felt good about it, because I had just jumped out of the car after driving 4 hours. Total time was 1:13:49. I am just happy to have honored my committment.. :)