Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not much of interest to write about this weekend...

I had another hectic week at school and I'm still feeling VERY tired. (whine, whine, whine... yeah I know, suck it up.) I wasn't able to get a chance to run on Tuesday OR Thursday this week because of meetings and appointments, but because my legs were still sore from Saturday, I wasn't to worried about it. I had every intention of running this morning but I think I've been fighting a bit of a tummy bug for the last two days and I was feeling too fatigued to run or bike today. Kinda sad really because it was sunny all day and the temp got up to 18C and it would have been perfect for a nice ride. Erik has gone out for a 50km ride without me while I stay home, have a nap, and toodle around the house, getting a few things done.

What else is happening?

One thing I've been working on for the past 3 weekends is cleaning out the basement so Erik can start finishing it. First order of business is to build a bathroom, so today I finally got that section completely empty and we were able to take a look at what is there and see if we can come up with a plan. I'm not very good at designing and/or decorating though, and the whole basement area is an odd shape. Maybe I'll post the floor plan and some pics and people can give me ideas? :)


I downloaded the Fdip podcast last night to listen to everyone's race reports and was surprised to hear my own voice! I guess Steve downloaded my mini-podcast mp3 and cut and pasted some of it into the the Fdip episode. That was kinda fun except, like everyone, I hate to hear the sound of my own voice. Ugh, I'm so repetitive. I don't know how those podcasters do it!

New Trainer

We ordered a second Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer and it arrived the other day. We bought one last year and really enjoyed it but switching the bikes back and forth all the time was getting to be a pain so we decided to get another one so they can always be set up. We will also be able to ride our trainers at the same time so that will be nice. I have put my Giant OCR1 on the trainer for the winter. The fit is very similar to my Madone so I figure why take a chance on damaging my good bike.

New Blog
I've been exchanging recipes with a few internet buddies and had planned to post some of my tried and true recipes on my blog but I was worried they'd just get lost in a sea of training posts and would be hard to find so I decided to create a new blog that was strictly for recipes and diet-related discussion. I have lots of ideas that I can put on there but building content takes time so for now, I've just posted 3 of my favourite healthy soup recipes and will add more stuff as I find the time.

Both blogs are linked to each other in the upper right hand corner. The new one is

Swim-Bike-Run-Eat ~ Kelownagirl's Recipes and Healthy Eating Tips

It's usually at this point that I write a long list of my fitness-related accomplishments for the week.

Here it is.

1. No exercise at all
2. Ate ok some of the time


I'll try harder next week. :)

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Nicole said...

Hey KG,

I'd totally be up for looking at your bathroom plan - that kind fo stuff is super fun. If you can post a diagram with the major dimensions & location of any existing plumbing or electrical that would help...

Nicole (aka: Running Bébé)