Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The basement

The Floor Plan

I had fun trying to draw a floorplan online tonight. This is not perfect and the measurements are inside, rough openings, but it's close. My problem is that I can see the toilet drain, and I think that's the sink drain. Forgot to show the 12"x16" hole to the left of the drains where the tub/shower would go against the wall. It's a tight fit next to the furnace.

Also, the walls are concrete most of the way up, with 2x6 construction on the top 2'-3' of the wall. The windows are not very deep and look into the recessed cavity because they are below grade.

So, how to finish and decorate? We need storage, a rec room for the kid and the TV (and the piano) and a place for the two bike trainers. Maybe the air hockey table? I think the pool table will have to stay in the garage....

Here's a shot of the current bike area, looking from the door.

And here's a shot from that same door, but facing the current TV area.

Here's a shot of the bathroom/storage area, taken from the centre of the room.

Now I'm standing in the bathroom area and facing the bikes and TV areas.

Closeups of the plumbing rough in. We're thinking corner shower when the square board is on the floor. Then toilet is obvious. The other drain pipe is oddly placed for the sink I assume.

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