Thursday, October 9, 2008

Downward Spiral (and back again, I hope)

Man, I really gotta get it together! Diet, and exercise, and sleep... Oh my!

I weighed in at 122 lbs today. Not a lot but still, a steady climb up from my low of 118 in August. I'm content to hover around 120 lbs but I am above that now and will continue to climb a pound every week or two if I don't make some changes.

But it seems like a constant battle I face every September. I am too tired to exercise every day and I'm too busy to make healthy food at every meal. I do ok part of the day, but I seem to lose my self-discipline when I'm tired or busy.

Somehow I need to get back on track before this downward spiral gets out of control.

Step One: Fatigue


(Funny as I'm writing this, I am downloading the latest podcasts and see that Ultradad's topic this week is sleep. I'm looking forward to listening to it and maybe getting some tips!)

If I get enough sleep, I have more energy and more self-discipline to follow through on my plans.

Plan: Go to bed by 10pm, if possible, be asleep by 10pm sometimes. That means starting to get ready for bed by 9:30 pm.


Step Two:
Diet and Exercise

Goal: Lose 2 lbs and get back to a regular exercise program with a focus on maintaining cardio fitness, and building strength and flexibility.

Write up a plan for exercise and diet and stick with it.


Breakfast: The usual yogurt and fruit
Lunch: veggies, fruit, protein
Dinner: a lower fat version of whatever I feed the boys.
Evening cravings for sweets - one small piece of chocolate only. Junk food and treats at work - take healthy snacks and treats to eat when I can.

Run: 3 times a week
Bike: on weekends outside as weather permits, or on trainer 2 times a week.
Strength: lower body-MWF, pushups-TThSa,
Flexibility: yoga nightly? (9pm?)
Swim: not until late Novemeber when my eyes have healed.
Other possibilities: Could work out at the YMCA for free any time I want. Maybe one day on weekends?


Step Three:

Goal: Improve attitude and negative feelings about myself by making better choices instead of making excuses. I can choose how I feel and how I act and I can change the way that I live.

Don't bail when I've had a bad day. If I skip a workout, or eat crap, don't use it as an excuse to quit for the rest of the day or the week. Get back on the wagon as soon as it happens. Accept it and move on. I'm not perfect, life happens.

OK, let's turn this downward attitude around. Yes, I can do it!


Running Update:

Not great running this week.

Monday: Walked 3 km up hills.
Tuesday: Only ran 3km but did hills so back of shins were sore.
Thursday: Very tired, too busy, didn't have time to run. :(

This coming weekend: Still planning to do the Zen Run 10K.

Here's my bib image!

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Dani said...

My evening "treat" is 2 pieces of Dove dark chocolate. I justify it because dark chocolate has heart healthy benefits (and it's tasty!).

It's hard to keep up with everything, diet, exercise, sleep, kids......but you'll work it all out!!!