Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6th

Well this morning I had my laser eye surgery. I am home now, but my eye is pretty blurry right now since the epithelium layer has been scraped off and is protected by a contact while it begins to heal over in the next few days. I am feeling very buzzed from the 2 mg of ativan they gave me and I think I need some food and some sleep. Later this afternoon, I am going to do a yoga session. I'm sure I'll be able to get that done. I feel up to running but the drugs are messing with my brain enough that I might stumble and fall and that wouldn't be good.

Welcome to Snowshadow who is a late joiner to 0ur Challenge. If anyone else wants to join our challenge to do 30 minutes of exercise every day this month, just post a comment here and let us know how you're doing so far! Feel free to adapt it to your life in you simply can't do 30 min every day. The idea is simply to encourage and motivate one another to be active and healthy.

I know that there are some of us who are also rethinking our healthy diets again and looking at ways to cut back on calories, and still ensure that the food we eat if good for us.

My goal is to eat lots of whole grains, including flourless breads made with whole sprouted grains. I am also using brown rice and other grains in salads, and soups.

Small amounts of lean meat - more fish, less beef. I've started using ground chicken and turkey in place of beef in a lot of recipes. I also use black beans and hummus instead of meat when I can.

I try to eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies every day. I eat 3-4 pieces of fruit every day, and the same amount in veg. Mostly raw. Once in awhile I cook squash etc but lots of time I just eat whole red pepper, raw carrots, snap peas, plus all the veggies in the soup I make.

I added a couple more recipes to my Recipe blog today. Click on the link to check them out.

My goal this afternoon is do another Yogamazing podcast after my nap. If you don't hear back from me today. It means I met my goal. :)

Evening update: I did day two of the 100 push ups challenge. 3, 4, 2, 3, 6 with 20 crunches in between every set of pushups. That took about 10-15 minutes. Then I did Yoga for Cyclists (22 min).

My eye feels irritated but not painful. I expect that to begin tomorrow morning... I have an appt tomorrow morning at 8:35.

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OrtingRunner said...

I have had serious weight problems for most of my life. I am now within site of my weight when I was in the 9th grade (1975). Been as high as 408# in 2005. Morbidly obese and could hardly walk. Long story short, I had to have Gastric Bypass to get me through the first 140#. The only thing I can share that might help is portion control. Around my house we use the 4" saucer plates and the 6" saucer plates. We put the regular diner plates in storage. This works as long as I eat slowly. They say it takes 20 minutes from the first bite for the brain to register the food in your stomach. Even with small portions it might take us 45 minutes to eat. But I can feel the food register in my head. So, small plates, eat slowly, chew well (50 to 75 times) before swallowing and lots of fluid (water). It does work. I plan on eating this way for the rest of my life. In fact, food has become a necessary burden that must be addressed. I have found that I can easily survive on 700-1000 cals a day. I just eat really small quantities many times a day. That would be my last piece of advice, Lump all your food for the day together and then divide it into small meals every 2-3 hours. This helps a lot. Keeps my blood sugar relatively level and gives me something to do. This forces me to plan my food for the day. Now I can get off my soap box and report that I ran today, 8.5 miles 1:48:00.
Hope your surgery went well. - Bryan