Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20th

Right at this very moment, I am rendered speechless on Twitter. I'll bet you all wished it would have come sooner. :)

My next 'tweet' on Twitter will be my 5000th ! I have no clue what to say, except that I don't want to waste it. Some people are vying for me to make it an @reply to them, Marathonchris says to make it a memorable "Kelownagurl" tweet. But I am suddenly quiet. I'm involuntaraily letting other people get a word in edgewise, unusual for me at this time of night.

So what IS a memorable Kelownagurl tweet? I have no idea but it should probably involve wine. Maybe I should ask YOU to tell me!

For the past 8 months, I've been slowly building up a group of friends whom I chat with, off and on, every day. Most of them are runners or triathletes. All of them are interesting and funny. And many of them are people I might never even have talked to if I met them in real life.

So what is it about social media that I love so much? I guess I like the idea of being able to communicate without the pretense of appearances, from my point of view, and from theirs. They aren't judging me by what I'm wearing, or what I'm driving, and I don't have preconceived notions about them. Often I get to chatting with them for awhile before I even check out their websites and see pictures.

I also love the ability to chat to whoever's around at the moment, and to be able to leave @replies for people to read later. I can easily twitter away an evening that other people would spend watching TV. Is it healthy? Why not? These are good people. They're not a bunch of crazies. I'm sure of that now. We have common interests and I've even met some of them! Sitting at a computer communicating with people from around the world has GOT to be 'heathier' than staring at the TV all night.

So what to tweet?

OMG, I can't stand the pressure....

Maybe I'll just thank them. For being my friend. Down the road and back again. Yeah, that's what I'll say...

Thank you to all my friends on Twitter, especially the people who talk to me directly, and who have posted on my blog and encouraged me. You actually play an important part of life, as weird as that may seem. I could not have done my triathlon this summer if it wasn't for people on the internet encouraging me, and offering help and advice.

You are an amazing resource both 'technically' and emotionally. All I have to do is post a question, and someone jumps in with the answer, even if it something as inane as "Would you eat a live tarantula for a million dollars?"

You guys make me smile, and laugh out loud, every single day.

Thank you, to each and every one of you - I really appreciate you. And I could never have said this in 140 characters.

If you have any idea what a memorable Kelownagurl Tweet would be, post a comment. I'm curious how people see me. :)

Two-Thirds of the way through November and we're still going strong!

Sounds like Drusy, Ortingrunner, Seriouschick, Lybbe, and Erin are still going well and now Nathan, Phil, KristinaOrlando, and Chopper have joined in on Runcast TV. We rock!!

I was excited about going for my run today. In the last 3 weeks, since I started using the Jeff Galloway warm up and doing yoga after my runs, I've not been having any serious leg pain. So this week, I stepped it up and decide to go back to two 5 km mid-week runs during the week and, hopefully, a long run on Saturday.

So today was my second 5km run this week and thankfully, I felt great again! I ran hard for the 3rd km and did it in 5:30 while the rest were all about 7:30 (including the walk break every 9 min).

After my run, I did yoga again, which really feels good on my legs. I tried to download it to my ipod but I guess you can't put vidcast audio on an ipod. Maybe I will rip the audio so I can still do yoga when Erik is watching hockey. :)

Got an email from ultradad today. Turns out we have a RL friend in common. Small world... :)

So when I wrote out my plan for workouts, I still screwed it up. I want to do my long runs on Saturday, not Sunday. Maybe it should look like this?

Run - T, Th, Sa
Strength - M, W, F or Sa
Bike - Su, and M, W, F if I feel like it.
Yoga - T, Th, F, Sa minimum

And boy, was I ever in pain today. My abs hurt and my shoulders ached. I tried to do my strength workout very carefully yesterday, and clearly, I did. :)


ZappoMan said...

Ain't the internet grand?

ramster said...

what is the traditional gift for 5000? is that diamonds? or wood. i always have to look this up for my weddign anniversaries. not sure if there is a webiste with internet twitterversary gifts!