Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25th

You know how sometimes you don't feel like exercising but then you tell yourself to suit up and get out there for just 10 minutes, and then you start to feel awesome, and it turns out to be your best run ever?

Well that didn't happen to me tonight.

I was pretty tired but I was excited to go out for my run tonight. I was optimistic that my legs would feel pretty good after my long run Saturday (and two days rest), and prove that I was finally over the pain crap.

But as soon as I got out on the road, I knew there were going to be problems. The top of my left foot was very tender and sore for some reason. Thinking back, I remember tightening up the speed laces on my shoes last run. The right shoe had been getting a little sloppy so I fixed it and then went ahead and tightened the left shoe as well. It felt a bit too tight but not in a big way so I left it. Bad move. It felt fine on Saturday whie I was running, but as soon as I put my shoes on today, I could feel the tenderness and knew I had gone too far. I tried to run it out but it only got worse as I ran.

In addition, my shins were pretty darn sore too, worse than they've been in a long time. I ended walking every 5 minutes instead of every 10, and I only did 1 km loops around the block instead of running further away because I wasn't sure how long I could (should) tough it out.

By the time I was half way around my 3rd loop, my left foot hurt so much I had to walk, and then I finally have to take left the shoe off to relieve the pressure. Well there I was, limping along with one shoe on and one shoe off - that seemed dumb, so I took the other one off too and walked back home in my socks. It was dark and only 3C but my feet weren't too cold and I was careful to stay on the sidewalk and watch where I was stepping.

So, I bailed on my run and only finished 2.63 km, in 24:24, more walking than running I think.

Argh! I get SO $ %&^%#^&^ frustrated. EVERY time I ramp up my mileage a little, or do a longer run, I have problems. I really thought that with my full Galloway-style warm ups for the past 3 weeks, walking for one minute every 10 minutes of running, and doing yoga after every run, I was finally getting past the pain part.

I will continue to do yoga tonight and tomorrow and they try a short, easy run on Thursday. Please, please, let it feel ok. This Saturday I am only supposed to run 6km so that it probably for the best.

I really feel like I am going backwards though.

My average runs used to be 5km in about 30 minutes.

I did my first 5km in 26:17 (June 2007) and a year later, my 2nd 5km in 26:26.

Shin problems started up after that and I could only manage 46:17 for my 8km, and 29:45 for my tri 5km.

Then my Zen Run 10k was even worse at 1:08:07.

I often feel like I'm NEVER going to be able to get my mileage up enough to do a half ironman.


OK, whining over. Keep at it. Don't give up. Keep at it. It'll come. Some freaking way.

Oh, and I'm still 25 for 25. I did a bunch of aerbocis this morning so that makes up for my less-than-30 minute run tonight. I will also do do yoga tonight too.


Running Hoosier said...

You will progress, I experienced most of the same when I was working towards my half-marathons. It eventually all goes away and things do get better.

Kelownagirl said...

I hope so. :)

Nicole said...

Two comments:
1. You might have a stress fracture in one of the little bones on the top of your foot, I did once and they only found it with a bone scan (similar symptoms)

2. Above happened when I was 25 and I also used to get shin splints when I was in my early 20s and no more (I think its because I take better care of myself now, like taking ice baths and following an actual training program)

Chin up, its all part of it, you have to get thru the crappy bits to really savour the good bits! Don't blame your age! You're not THAT old!

Lifesong... said...

So sorry you had a crappy run. Just rest up a bit and you will be good as new in a day or so.

I also have shin issues so I know what a pain they are. Sigh...

You are such an encouragement even through your trials! Thank you for that!

Amanda & Sean said...

Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your run, but I think every runner has those. The kind where you just feel doomed for the start, but you push ahead anyway. The key is to listen to your body.
For your shins, sometimes it helps to freeze some water in little paper dixie cups (you know, the ones used for mouthwash), then rub the ice up and down your shins, tearing the paper away as it melts.
You'll be ok...have you tried running in water, until your injuries heal?

Chin up...you are doing GREAT! It was just an off day...your body is telling you to rest. (and that is OK!! :))

Kelownagirl said...

Nicole - I had a stress fracture there once from cross country skiiing. I remember it well. Same situation as you. I think at this point, it's just irritated and if I loosen the shoe and don't run for a bit, it'll be ok. It's not hurting in regular life, only when I put the runner on. Since I only ran once with it too tight, hopefully it's not a fracture at this point.

Lifesong and Amanda. Thanks for your encouragement. And hey, I do have some dixie cups of ice in the freezer from the summer. I forgot about those. Time to get them out again I guess...