Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11th

Lest we forget - today is the day we remember the men and women who have fought for our country. I wasn't able to attend the Remembrance Day Assembly last week and I really missed it so today I was particularly thoughtful of the Canadian soldiers who are in Afghanistan right now, as well as the many others who have died in wars past. I listened the Terry Kelly's song Pittance of Time and as always, it brought tears to my eye. And I observed two minutes of silance at 11am this morning...

I felt proud when I saw this post on a forum I read.

This will be my third Remembrance Day in Canada and each year I am amazed at how many Canadians actually remember. In the states we have Veteran's Day but, other than a wreath swap on the tomb of the unknown soldier, it is simply an excuse for stores to announce massive sales and for people to go shopping. The connection and respect Canadians show towards their soldiers puts me in awe. Bravo!


I'm still 11 for 11 in the challenge, as is Erin337 and Ortingrunner. I'm not sure about the others but I will add their names to the list when I hear from them.

Today I went for a run but my legs were achey before I started and my shins started to act up soon after, despite a warm up. I think it's leftover ache from my longer run the day before yesterday. In hindsight, I probably should have had a two day break after my 'long' run. I'll take two days off from running now and see how I feel. Live and learn. Good thing I keep on living 'cos I obviously have more learning to do....

So - I did a 25 minute run and only covered 3km. Afterwards, I did the 20 minute Yoga for Runners again. I really like that particular workout after my run.

My eyes are ok today. I decided to wear a contact in my left eye for a change and that helped a little. I think my right eye is a little clearer today. Once the swelling is down, the vision should improve.

Oh and I almost forgot, we went to Fresh Air Experience this morning. Erik bought some really nice, superlight aerobars for his bike (so I can have mine back for the trainer), and I got myself some warmer running sox and a pair or Craft thermal running tights. They look something like this and nice a cozy but light. I am looking forward to my next run.


Rachel said...

Those tights look pretty comfy and warm. I am thankful for the very warm weather in s. cal right now!

Good luck running in all that cold weather.

Jamie said...

I'm shopping around for some tights this winter to keep me warm in the wind and snow. Let me know how these work out, they look nice an cozy.