Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23rd

Well they say it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit and I think that may be true!

I have been working my butt on my report cards all weekend and only took a break long enough today to take the dogs for a long hike in the hills behind my house. My shins and butt muscles were aching from yesterday's run and climbing up hills didn't help much I'm sure but it was a beautiful, cold, sunny day and it was good to get out for some fresh air.

After the hike, I got back to work, then headed down to school to do my daybook and then did my grocery shopping. Finally had dinner after 7pm.

I'm still feeling stiff so I did 20 minutes of yoga this evening as well.

I still need to proofread my report cards and make one minor change to them so I can print them off at school tomorrow.

After that, I'm going to have a hot bath and go to bed early.

23 for 23!


Amanda & Sean said...

Hi! Nice to meet you too!!
Actually, I found your blog as I was searching through the other blogs that had "education" listed on their profile.
I hit the jackpot when I found yours because, as you said, we have so much in common. I am not a triathlete (yet!), but I loooove to run and compete in Atlanta. I'm obsessed with all things fitness and nutrition, so got excited when I found your blog! I love that you are so detailed about your workouts and what you eat! You offer great tips, and inspire me to keep up my running!
I'm not a very fast runner (average about 8:45-9:00 min/mile), but I enjoy racing regardless.
I look forward to keeping in touch!

PS: We are super excited about Obama!! :) Hopefully, our economy can come out of this slump soon...Bush really put is in a bad situation over the last 8! Argh!

SLB said...

You're on a role, keep it up!