Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3rd

This is my first true challenge day because I went to work today and it's always harder on a work day when I'm tired. That being said, I was lucky because on Mondays our class does the Health Hustle in the morning and I'm always very actively working out the whole time. So right off, I got 20 minutes (probably more) of good aerobics and some strength training as well.

I drank 4 glasses of water during the day and will have a few more now that I'm thinking about it. I ate a healthy breakfast, lunch, and not bad supper (chicken fajitas). I also ate 4 mini chocolate bars from my son's stash. Oops. :)

Tonight I'm also doing some more yoga and stretching and the PT exercises I'm supposed to be doing all the time. That will easily bring me up to over 40 minutes of exercise today.

9 pm update: After reading about Ortingrunner's soggy run, I decided that I'd be better off riding the trainer instead of doing 10 minutes of yoga so I sucked it up and got geared up. I had to get the bike set up because it's the first day I'd ridden it this fall. I didn't have the garmin reconfigured yet so I went by heart rate (avg 149, max 170), cadence (90 rpm), and time (30 minutes). I figure I lost 2 lbs in sweat alone. Focused on one-legged drills (10 sec right, 10 sec left, 10 sec both) and spin ups (80-120 rpm). Yeah baby!


I'm happy to say we have quite a few people who are also going for this challenge now! I really hope that we can keep at at it, even if we have a bad day, we should not use that as an excuse to pack it in. Most days, we can AT LEAST fit in some stretching, but even if that doesn't happen, don't quit. Remember, the research shows that we all need 30 minutes of exercise every day. Maybe with one month of concerted effort, we can turn it into a habit?!

Welcome to:

Seriouschick (Becky)

Feel free to post about your accomplishments, or your frustrations, in the comment section. Let's motivate and encourage one another!


OrtingRunner said...

K... 3 for three!
3.13 miles/39:21 HR MAX 168/avr 154.
Wet, sloggy miles. I would not have run if it was not for this commitment! I would have let the weather stop me. Thanks!

Drusy said...

I've been listening to audiobooks during my run across London in the morning. The shame of it - I'm addicted to Diana Gabaldon...time travelling romance novels. But it makes me want to take a longer route so I can listen for longer...3.5 this morning

Snowshadow said...

Is it too late to join the challenge?

Kelownagirl said...

No! Not too late - join in!