Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18th

Hard to believe, but I haven't bailed yet! 18 for 18!!

I went for my run after work with the usual 10 minute warm up and an easy run, with a 3 min walk at the end.

5km in 38:40. Avoid injury and pain now, speed will come later.

After I cooled down, I did Yoga for Runners - my 11th time in 18 days and I'm starting to feel more flexible. I really love the hip stretches and it's not hurting nearly as much anymore. My hip flexors are usually so tight. I'm doing pretty well keeping up with yoga 5+ times a week.

I should have checked my schedule last night tho - it was upper body / pushups night and I got messed up. I don't want to throw off the whole program so I don't think I'll try to make up for the missed workout tonight - I'll just get back at it tomorrow night instead.

I guess I'm trying for:

Upper body - M, W, Sa
Run - T, Th, Su
Bike - any of M, W, F, Sa
Yoga - lots

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SLB said...

Great job stick with it!